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Арабский язык — ключ к мыслям великих мыслителей, секретам священных книг и постижению прекрасной культуры Востока. Изучите азы грамматики и произношения арабского языка. Научитесь понимать логику языка и технику написания вязи. Практикуйте арабский для чтения, общения, туризма, бизнеса, а также духовного обучения — в разделе найдутся онлайн-курсы для каждой их этих целей.
126 результатов
126 результатов

Arabic Language Online Courses

Your goal is to get promoted at your job. Or maybe you are a student looking to increase your chances of getting hired. Perhaps you are simply curious, open minded, intrigued by the Arab culture. No matter your situation, Kovevy will help you find the online course suited to your needs.

However, if you are not sure whether Arabic language is worth studying, here are some good reasons to start right away:

1. High Demand

There are around 300 million people speaking Arabic all over the world. It is a language and a region that has had a big influence and still has in international politics. Arabic is the 5th most spoken language worldwide. Do not let such things as grammar, pronunciation, or accent keep you away from discovering a rich and interesting culture. All you need to do is chose the online course that matches your needs, and you know you can count on Konevy to help you with this task.

2. Competitiveness

There is a high demand for people who speak Arabic. Mastering this language will give you an important advantage, no matter your line of work (business, engineering, medicine, international relations, diplomacy). Speaking Arabic will help you build solid business relations with people from the rich countries in the Middle East, like Quatar and the United Arab Emirates. If you are a student, you might think of acquiring a skill that will set you apart from your peers and will guarantee getting the job that everyone wants.

3. Religion and Culture

Islam is the word’s second largest religion and a way of life for 1.8 billion people. Learning the Arab language means that you will discover their rich culture and traditions.

4. Travel Opportunities

Whether you want to study abroad, to go on a holiday or build lasting business relations in the region, mastering this language will broaden your world to places like the Middle East and Africa.

5. Dialects

There are many Arabic dialects, and each of them has a different style and pronunciation. One word can mean different things depending on the region. It might be a good idea to study the dialect of the country that you are interested in and not Modern Standard Arabic.

6. Language Immersion

The Arabs are hospitable people and speaking their language, knowing their culture is a way of making new friends and building strong business partnerships. Native speakers can be your doorway into this beautiful and rich region and a way to improve your language knowledge. Ask them to correct the way you speak and give you feedback as to what can be improved. Life is a learning process. And what can be more satisfying and pleasant then improving a foreign language through a full language immersion. Dive in!

Throughout all this elaborate process, you can always count on Konevy. Type in your language requirements and let us do the search so you can concentrate on achieving your goal!

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