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Are you stuck operating your Camera in Auto Mode?

Do you have a camera ready to learn but can't seem to find the right training that makes photography simple?

This Course is dedicated to simplifying the 3 elements that will put you in creative control over every shoot that you have. Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. What I found is that most times starting out, photographers think they understand the concept of how to use aperture, shutter speed, and iso until there put in a dark room and asked to take photos. Not good right????  In this training, I help you understand when to use the 3 and what part of the image that decision effects.

Feel free to follow along with your camera to truly retain the instructions. I suggest you watch the training videos first and then follow along so that you will fully get the concept. If your able to focus in and follow along the first time that will be A-Okay.

In this 30 minute course, I will make sure to give you a clear understanding of how to control the lighting in any situation. Taking you from Automatic mode to fully manual mode in no time. The practice is the key to learning and creating a truly wonderful experience for yourself.

Class includes 4 video lessons, 2 field assignments to practice the techniques learned in the training.

Once you understand you will be able to create very nice photo's with any camera.  Within 2 of the assignments, I challenge you, to use just your cell phone that forces you to not get overwhelmed with the tool or camera used but allowing you to focus on the message of what you're looking to convey to your audience.

You should take this course if you want an easy to understand the concept of controlling lighting better.

This course is for Beginners to Photographers still struggling with the concept of how to control the Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO.

Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO
Meet Corey Reese
Meet your Instructor Corey Reese.
How to Succeed In This Course
Introduce Yourself

The first of 3 elements used to control the lighting is the Aperture. In this sample we use the Aperture to also change the depth of field or focus point of the object of interest.

Shutter Speed
The second of 3 elements used to control the lighting is the Shutter Speed. In this sample we use the shutter speed to stop motion and create a nice 30 sec exposureof a river. Also learn how to avoid taking blurry photo's

The last of 3 elements used to control the lighting is the ISO. In this sample we use the ISO to create a cool black and white photo with a little grain.

Use Shutter Speed to Create Long Exposure Shot
Check out the Photo I took using at 30 second exposure on my cell phone.
Create A Photo Using Only Your Cell Phone.
In this lesson I want you to create a great image using only your cell phone. As we get into different lens, lighting tools etc this example will serve the point that a great photograph starts with your vision and ability to capture the moment.
Bonus Material
Tutorial on Natural Light
Natural will be the best light you will ever use only if you know how to control. At the end of this lesson you will understand how to control natural at any time of the day.
Cheap Clamp Light Challenge
This Lesson will show you have to create great images with cheap lighting.
  • Students should have a camera in order to follow along the course to gain full understanding of the subject matter.
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  • Operate the Camera in full Manual Mode
Corey Reese
Corey Reese
Corey Reese Celebrity Photographer & Cinematographer


One of Udemy's Fastest Growing New Instructor

Corey started creating Photography Tutorials on YouTube back in 2011 where up & coming photographers immediately gravitated to his teaching style with well over 423,173 video views. In July 2015 Corey partnered with online teaching platform where now over 55,256 happy students across 181 different counties are now enrolled in Corey's courses learning photography on the platform. In a world where camera techniques can seem so complex, Corey's method of teaching not only breaks down the camera in simple bit size pieces, but helps photographers understand how they can apply the concepts real time to improve their work.

"I used to sit and stare at my camera hoping it would whisper these things, thanks Corey you did it." Catlyn Watson

Understanding the need to give back to the next generation of talent looking to take the technical knowhow and use it to build an actual photography business, Corey continued his training success creating Photography Clients Unleashed teaching photographers how to build and grow a consistent, scalable profitable photography business. 

"Before I started the program, I was averaging 1-3 jobs per month, mostly assisting. I was also working a full time job in another field, not being able to give the time needed to develop my company. Photography felt more like a hobby than a career.


After completing the program, I started gaining more clientele of my own and averaging 4-7 jobs per month. With the increase in clients, I was able to step down from full time to part time which allowed me to focus more on photography and building a successful business. Now that i'm fully focused in photography, I'm more confident in myself, my talents, and able to book the higher end clients that I prefer to work with."  Sheretta

Corey looks forward to continue helping photographers across the world build their wealth and live their dream pursuing their passion. 

Starting as a Successful Model back in 2003 with Features in Magazines, Billboards in Time Square, Commercials and more Corey transitioned from in front to behind the camera in 2006 with a new found passion.  Corey left his full time career as a System Administrator for a Maintenance and Engineering Software Company in 2008 to pursue Photography full time. Corey is now an avid educator & one of the industry's go-to Professional Photographers in Atlanta helping actors and models book work for TV, Movies, Fashion and more. A visual guru with acute attention to detail, he is a rare talent and highly sought after by celebrity clientele, Corporate America and top brands. Recently Named Director of Photography for Who's Who of Black Atlanta, Publication highlighting positive achievements of African Americans.

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