You Can Create Healthy Meals Your Family Will LOVE

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Cook healthy alternatives for meals and snacks
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Eating healthy foods is more than dieting, it's a way of life. So it shouldn't be a chore. Don't eat foods you don't like, don't eat the same thing over and over again. Healthy eating has to be worth it, it has to taste good and feed your cravings. We've got some easy and delicious foods you can make for meals, sides, and snacks, as well as answers and tips to make eating healthy fun again. No more forcing yourself to eat carrots when you're craving ice cream! Like what you eat again.

I'm Tanya Stroh a certified personal trainer and contributing author one thing I learned is that fitness isn't just exercise healthy living is more than working out and even eating well it's about balance. don't force exercises that are boring , don't eat food you don't like don't let fear hold you back life is about living on your terms.Finding the balance in eating well can be a challenge. We try to eat lean, healthy, organic foods, but not only can that be a challenge, it can be frustrating and even boring.I've met people who only eat boiled turkey, because it keeps their lives simple. Sure, it's healthy, I guess, but who wants to be that bored?Eating well should be rewarded with delicious meals and snacks. It shouldn't be an effort.So we've pulled together some of our favorite recipes from our professional chef partners to help you get excited about eating well, for meals, sides, and snacks!Live life on your terms, and enjoy eating healthy foods again!
Healthy Meals
Create healthy meals you and your family will love.
Introduction to Healthy Meals
Creating healthy meals can be daunting and intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Even making small changes to your regular cooking can make HUGE improvements in your health. We've got some great tips and delicious easy meals from professional chefs for you to make that will let you enjoy dinner again!
Mexican Chicken Stew
Enjoy and learn how to make a healthy Mexican Chicken Stew with Chef Cindy McClure, Tutto Sorrisi
Pumpkin Curry with Saffron Rice Pilaf
Chef de Cuisine Nuwan introduces us to an amazing pumpkin curry.
Mahi Mahi Lettuce Wrap
Executive Chef Tim Smith creates a healthier version of Fish Tacos
Ask Beth: Organic Food Labels
How much can we trust organic food labels? 
Vegetable Frittata
Chef Olga Sorzano shares her delicious and healthy recipe that's perfect for ANY meal!
Pan Roasted Chicken with Cherry Spinach Farro
Executive Chef Dan Merola shows us how to make Chicken and Farro 
Zucchini Pasta
Executive Chef Tim Smith creates a delicious Zucchini Pasta
Cooking Oils with Baker Margaret Andraos
Learn about cooking oils from Margaret Andraos 
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  • Kitchen and ingredients are required to make the meals
Tanya Stroh, B.S., NSCA, ACE
Tanya Stroh, B.S., NSCA, ACE
Certified Personal Trainer, TV Host of
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