Курс Writing Song Lyrics: Adding heart and soul to your songs!

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Hi, and welcome to the Lyric Writing Course….have you ever wondered why some songs have such an impact on us while others do not? A great lyricist not only tells a story but touches the emotions of the audience within the song.

My lyric writing course will teach you how to turn an average song into a heartfelt song that will touch your listeners. I will teach you song structure, how to find song ideas, and how to put an emotional touch into your lyrics.

Beside video lectures and some handouts you will listen to some wonderfully moving songs and I will explain why they are like that. I will teach you song structure, rhyming type words and rhyming schemes before we move onto writing exercises you can do to strengthen your lyric writing skills. Finally, I will demonstrate the simple and easy lyric writing process that I use to write my own songs and when we are done, you will hear the song professional record by a Canadian artist.

Section 1 – the Basics of Writing and Lyrics

Section 2 – Song Structure

Section 3 – Use of Rhyme and Tension in your Songs

Section 4 – Human Emotions and Writing

Section 5 – My Writing Process Revealed

Section 6 - Conclusion

The ideal student is an amateur songwriter who have never written song lyrics or a seasoned songwriter who is a great musician but needs some help capturing a story and the emotions that go with it.

I have been a professional writer for over 30 years and I am confident that the knowledge I will bestow on you will significantly improve your writing talent.

Introduction to Lyric Writing
Writing lyrics doesn't have to be a hard and difficult thing to do. With the proper techniques, writing lyrics that rhyme or don't is something anyone can learn.
Samples of Emotional Songs
There is no better way to explain to you about writing emotion into your songs than to show you some stellar examples. Sit back and listen to some great lyricists and identify what emotions they are touching.
Finding Song Ideas
There is no easier place to find song ideas than in your own life.
Tools you can use for Writing Lyrics

When you sit down to write, these tools will help you get right into writing. As well, I will show you how to capture ideas when they come to you, any time, day or night.

Song Structure Overview

How is a song put together and what is the purpose of each part. We will discuss in detail.

Writing Great Verses
Lecture 6 is where we look at the verse, understand its roles in songwriting and what it should look like when its done.
  • Should know how to write in English.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Understand the structure of how to write a song.
  • Understand the different types of rhyme and their role in writing lyrics.
  • Understand the different rhyme schemes and what role they play in writing lyrics.
  • Understand what human emotions look like and how to capture them in songs.
  • Understand my technique for writing lyrics using rhyme in their songs.
Peter A Brandt
Peter A Brandt
Technical Writer / Author / Actor / Songwriter / Filmmaker

Peter has been a Technical Writer for over 30 years and has worked in many different industries including manufacturing, aerospace, banking, IT, software development, transportation, medical, and has even worked internationally. 

Not satisfied with only this type of writing, Pete began to write books, completing four novels and two non-fiction books before turning his focus to writing screenplays. Two of his screenplays were turned into moviesone a documentary about the slow decline of Pakistani music and its revival by the Lahore Music Forum (LMF) as well as a comedy short (Copy That)  in which he was both the screenwriter and lead actor.

Peter has been a lead singer and keyboard player in many bands and is also a member of the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN). He writes song lyrics and co-writes songs with his writing partner Tom Pinsent.

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