Курс Write Your Symphony Now! | The Elements of Music Composition

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Welcome to Write Your Symphony Now! | The Elements of Music Composition

This course is designed to take you through the process of writing a symphony for classical orchestra.

Take your music composition and songwriting skills to the next level.

Three Approaches to this Course:

1. Cover all lessons and advance your ability to write melodies, harmony, songs, and scores.

2. Complete selected practice activities and write a sonata, an adagio, a minuet and trio, or a rondo.

3. If you successfully complete this course and each of the lessons and activities in it, you will have a completed symphony for full classical orchestra.

By the end of this course students will know:

Five methods for coming up with melodies and harmonies from scratch.

12 ways to create variations on a melody.

Principles of composition.

How to write and arrange four of the most popular classical music song forms.

And much more.

This is not a passive learning course.  There is a significant amount of work involved to complete the objective and practice modules and the application of concepts in workspaces require your active engagement.  What you are undertaking can be done, but it is not easy.

Level One - Overview and Musical Ideas
An overview of composition and how to begin generating ideas.
  • Knowledge of basic music theory including chord construction, musical keys, and basic notation
  • Free music notation software for writing and practice activities (MuseScore)
  • If you feel you’d like more theory and foundations prep for this course, I recommmend The Elements of Music.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Develop your skill writing melodies and Learn 12 approaches to creating variations on any melody
  • Learn to get your musical ideas on the page and develop them on a score for multiple instruments
  • Learn to use free notation software with playback so you can hear your music as you're writing
  • Learn to recognize and create great motifs
  • Learn four of the most popular classical song forms
  • Be able to create parts around a musical idea
  • Develop your music notation skills
  • Be able to generate musical ideas at will
  • On completion of this course students will have a completed symphony for full classical orchestra
Rajiv Narang
Rajiv Narang
Creative Director, Producer, Writer, Composer, Bassist

I am a Creative Director and graduate of the Musician's Institute with 20 years experience as a recording artist, songwriter and producer.  I am the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Jupiter Tree Studios and all around lovely human being.  I studied music under the great music pedagogues Carl Schroeder and Ioan Tettle.

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