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You want to write a piece of music. You don't have the resources. Well, this is the course for you. In a mere 14 steps, I show you how to write your first piece of music from downloading a free program (Muse Score) to putting the final touches on a simple score. If you can do it with this piece and course, you can use these skills to create larger scale pieces and maybe be writing music for others and get paid.

First, we go through how to set up a new score in Muse Score via setting up a sheet music template. Then, we're going to explore different ways of notating the music via the computer and MIDI keyboards. Next, you're going to explore how to edit, adapt and make your score as close to a publisher-grade score as possible. 

The final step is where you are going to put your piece up for sale. In the course, I show you three different platforms on which you could place your music for sale. These include Gumroad, SMP Press, and JWPepper via the My Score Program.

By the end of the course, you will be able to write beautiful, publisher grade sheet music to sell from start to finish.

Welcome to Write Your First Piece of Music in 14 Steps
This tells you what you will learn in the course.
Welcome to Write Your First Piece of Music
This is the intro lecture welcoming you all to the course with a bit about what this course is about.
About Your Instructor
Learn about your instructor. I'm a composer and transcriber who loves helping people with their music. If you need music services, feel free to go in the resources section for more.
Muse Score Free Program
This is the lecture showing you where and how to download Muse Score, a free music notation software program.
Starting Composing With Muse Score
This section will teach you how to start composing in muse score using various input methods.
Step one: Setting Up A New Score
In this lecture, we're going to practice setting up our first score in Muse Scorestep by step.  Practice doing this at least three times.
Step two: Adding Or Deleting Instruments
In this lecture, I show you how to add or delete instruments in your score at any time.
Step three: Using the Mouse to Notate Music
This lecture tells and shows you how to use the mouse and the various note and rest input controls to begin notating music. Practice various combinations of notes and rests to make beautiful music.
Step Four: Using A Midi Keyboard to Notate Music
This lecture goes into detail about the ways you can use a MIDI keyboard to notate music into Muse Score
Step Five: Overview and Functionality of Tools on the Left
The left hand side palettes are your friend! I go through each of the tools from dynamics to lines, to tempo and other things. These palettes are where you'll find all your embellishment tools.
Editing and Adding Embellishing Music
In this section, I go into how to put slurs, octave markings, and other symbols in your music in muse score.
Step Six: Add Dynamics to Your Music
This lecture helps you to put dynamic markings in your score.
  • Must have an interest in music creation
  • Must have access to Muse Scorea free program, which is provided in the course.
  • Some knowledge of very basic music principles is helpful but not required.
Что Вы изучите?
  • You will confidently write your first piece of music and share it with the world
  • Build music templates to use again and again
  • Create a beautiful publisher grade score of your music and arrangements and sell it
  • You will learn how to navigate Muse Score
Cody Weinmann
Cody Weinmann
Composer, Music Transcriber, Orchestrator, and Pianist

I am a
singer-songwriter, composer, arranger and orchestrator residing in Southern California. I compose everything from concert band, orchestra, chamber, choral,
and sacred music to folk, singer-songwriter, and rock songs.  My two recent singles "Get Away
Devil" and "It Ain't Paradise" have subtle hints of The Eagles
and Coldplay and a few other artists. I try to be relevant once in a while.

I have composed for various short films and video game pilots and even a Godly film or two.

I graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with two degrees, the main B.A. in Music Composition, the second one was music technology, so with this, there will be a lot of courses on composing and composition techniques as well as some courses dealing with music technologylike MainStage, Garageband, Logic Pro, or Pro Tools.

I also play piano and sing. I have over 20 years' experience playing piano and have had five years of vocal coaching. This lead me to teach at an art school over in Pomona, California and later on in 2014, I began teaching at a local music store in Walnut, California. I have been teaching piano and voice  there for over three years.

Recently in 2015, I started a music transcription service website down below for all who need sheet music written, arranged, or transcribed for their projects. Contact me if you need any of this!

I hope to help all of you who come to this page with your musical needs!

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