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In this short course, experienced consultant and workshop facilitator Gareth Kane will show you all the tricks of the trade in facilitating really great workshops which deliver results. Gareth is an experienced consultant who has found the workshop is the most powerful tool in his toolbox as it not only leads to better decisions, but gains buy-in for the implementation of those decision.

Course contents include:

  • Harnessing the power of the workshop.
  • Tools of the trade – including our secret workshop weapon.
  • Workshop structures – including examples of problem solving, stakeholder engagement and strategic planning.
  • Planning your workshop – the beginning, the middle and the end.
  • Avoiding difficult situations – and dealing with them when they do occur.

* New* due to popular demand, we have added a bonus lecture:

  • Facilitating virtual workshops (we use Zoom as an example platform).

The course is studded with pro-tips, lessons that Gareth has learnt on the road, delivering more than 100 workshops with some of the biggest companies and organisations in the world.

The course consists of 75 minutes of videos and, including exercises, will take about 105 minutes to complete. You will get a workbook to apply the learning to your own situation and will end up with your own workshop plan. You need no prior knowledge or experience to take the course.

So join us, and learn how, with just some sheets of paper and pens, you can help people make really great decisions – decisions they will actually implement.

Introduction and Workbook

Course tutor Gareth Kane introduces the masterclass and describes how it works.

Download and print the workbook now so you can complete the exercises in each lecture.
Masterclass Lectures
The Power of the Workshop
In this session we will be considering why workshops are so powerful, when to use them and the most important ingredient in making them work.
The Tools of the Trade

In this session we will look at the tools of the trade including flipcharts, post-its and my secret weapon, the large paper template. I will also explain why I try to avoid Powerpoint – and how to use it best if unavoidable.

The Main Structure of Your Workshop
In this session, we look at how to develop the core structure of your workshop. To give you some inspiration, we will look at three example structures:
  1. Solutions Generation
  2. Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Strategy using Backcasting
In the exercise you will be developing your own structure for your workshop.
Planning Your Workshop

In this section, we take our emerging workshop structure and put it in adetailed plan with a beginning, middle and an end. Add some timings and we're ready to go!

Dealing With Difficult Situations
In this session we look at avoiding difficult situations - and what to do if problems do occur.
Summary and Close
In the final session of the Masterclass, course tutor Gareth Kane runs through the key points he would like you to take from the course.
  • No prior knowledge is required
Что Вы изучите?
  • Design and facilitate engaging workshops which deliver results
  • Use basic tools - flip charts, post-its etc along with our secret weapon - to make workshops go with a zing
  • Use advanced workshop structures such as backcasting.
  • Avoid difficult situations and deal with any that do occur
  • Help others make better decisions, which they will implement
  • Bonus lecture: How to facilitate a virtual workshop
Gareth Kane
Gareth Kane
Owner, Terra Infirma Ltd

Gareth Kane has been helping business get the most of the sustainability agenda for the last 17 years. He has worked with a long list of blue chip clients including Black & Decker, the BBC, BAE Systems, Johnson Matthey, the NHS, East Coast Mainline and Sage plc. He is the author of five books including The Green Executive and Green Jujitsu: The Smart Way to Embed Sustainability in Your Organisation.

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