What to eat? An eater's guide to health

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Understand why my healthy is not your healthy
Learn about the concept of biological individuality
Find out why diets do not work
Be able to decipher cravings as valuable messages from the body
Use cravings to enhance your nourishment
Understand how to eat in an instinctual, balanced manner
Craft an individualized nourishment plan
Figure out what, when and how to eat for your unique body, lifestyle and needs
Incorporate strategies for mindful eating
Uncover a nourishment method that works for you
Create calming, mindful mealtime habits to enhance your health and help you reach your optimal weight
Have a new balanced approach to eating to nourish your body!
О курсе

Have you ever tried a popular diet that just did not work for you?

Are you confused by the numerous claims about the “right” way to eat?

Do you follow the latest popular diet with initial success but always seem to gain the weight back?

Are you curious about how you can take proactive steps to prevent chronic disease in your future?

Do you fight cravings for foods you think you shouldn’t eat?

Would you like to return to an instinctual, balanced way of eating that naturally gives you vibrant energy, great body and clear thinking?

This course is for you! You will learn about why healthy nutrition for one person may not be the same as what is healthy for another individual.

I also offer some simple yet powerful steps from my Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method for utilizing cravings as wise messages and reconnecting with an intuitive, balanced way of eating!

In this course we will discuss why my healthy nutrition may not be the same as your healthy nutrition or how each of us has individual health and nutrition needs that can change throughout our lives. You will become empowered to view cravings as insightful messages about your body’s needs and gain powerful tools for addressing them.

You will also learn about different patterns of healthy and unhealthy eating and how to reconnect with your intuition in order to naturally nourish your body in a balanced way and obtain and maintain your optimal weight, metabolism and health. I will support you in creating your own natural, Simple Pure Whole way of eating that will work for you for the long term!

Instead of investing in another diet book or setting unrealistic resolutions to loose weight simply to regain it all back and more, my intention in this course is to permanently change the way you think about healthy nutrition and guide you in finding a customized way of eating that works for your unique body and lifestyle.

The wealth of knowledge and education you will receive by completing this course is invaluable. But what really distinguishes the Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method is the practical approach I take in providing you with skills and tools to help you implement what you are learning in your own life. The power behind my approach is that you are not just learning theory or statistics, but become empowered with ways to change your lifestyle and habits and build a strong foundation for sustainable wellness. In this way, the benefits of this course last well beyond the lectures.

Throughout the course, you will find Insight Exercises designed to parallel the course material and guide you in experimenting with this information in your own life. I have also included some BONUS materials to make this course experience truly transformational!

As a participant in the course you will receive:

  • a comprehensive course workbook and guide
  • several handouts
  • extra worksheets
  • my popular Simple | Pure | WholeTM Nourishment Journal and
  • a Guide to Mindful Eating as my special BONUS FREE gifts!
Introduction to Dr. Weinberg & The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method
     In this section you are introduced to Dr. Weinberg and her training as well as the philosophy and approach of The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method.     This section includes two video lectures as well as supplemental materials such as the course syllabus and a detailed legal disclaimer.    You can learn more about Dr. Weinberg, The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method and opportunities to support your optimal health at http://www.JenniferWeinbergMD.com and by joining our community at https://www.facebook.com/JenniferWeinbergMD.
Introduction to This Course: What to Eat?
This lecture will introduce you to the content of the course and the best way to approach the material. You will learn about the course goals and objectives and how to use the Course Guide and Workbook to follow along with the lectures and get the most out of the course.Use the syllabus and Course Guide and Workbook in this section's supplementary materials to orient yourself to the course and make a plan for getting the most out of the content.
Biological Individuality
In this course you will learn about an issue that is key to The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method. The concept of bioindividuality has changed the way I think about food, dieting and what it truly means to be healthy. In this section, you will learn about how what we eat becomes the cells and tissues of our bodies. We will also explore how our bodies are sophisticated organisms which are unique and need deep nourishment to function optimally.This section also discusses the often confusing amount of dietary theories and concepts with which we are confronted.You will learn about how to dissect all of this information and become empowered with a different approach to nutrition guidelines.This section includes a video lecture, section guide and workbook as well as a supplemental handout.
Why Diets Do Not Work!
This section this course explores the reasons why there is not one perfect way to eat that works for every person. You will learn about the reasons why diets just don’t work and how to create a healthier approach to eating.This section includes a video lecture and section guide and workbook.What diets have you tried in the past? How did you feel? Share your questions, comments and experiences on our Facebook page!
The Wisdom of Cravings
Cravings often seem like something we want to suppress or try our hardest to ignore, but they commonly carry important messages from the body. In this section, you will learn to decipher the wisdom that your body sends in the form of cravings and how to handle these cravings in a balanced, healthy manner.This section contains three video lectures, section guide and workbook as well as a BONUS supplemental Insight Exercise that will really help you to track and decipher your cravings.
Deciphering Cravings
A key step in breaking the cycle of cravings is to be able to deconstruct what you are craving and why. This allows you to seek out less extreme, healthier alternatives that satisfy your true nourishment needs.In this lecture, you will learn about some primary causes of cravings to consider. These include dehydration, lifestyle factors, a lack of true nutrition, imbalances in the body and hormonal influences.
Conquering Cravings
In this lecture, you will be empowered with some powerful techniques from The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method that will enable you to take control of your cravings and use them to build your long-term health! You will learn healthy techniques for addressing various types of cravings.This lecture also includes a BONUS interactive insight exercise. Use the included Craving Inventory to track your cravings and develop insight into their true meaning. Share what you discover on our Facebook page!
  • Watch video lectures
  • Review related handouts
  • Utilize included worksheets and workbooks
  • Experiment with new tools and skills to improve and maintain your health
Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE
Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE
Preventive, Lifestyle & Environmental Consultant, Editor
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