Welcoming disabled colleagues and customers with confidence

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Enabling people to move from disability awareness to disability confidence is an important part of building an inclusive workplace and improving customer service. 

Would staff in your organisation know the right way to deal with a customer or colleague who has a physical or visual impairment, or has mental health issues? Would they be able to deal with them comfortably and confidently, or would they feel awkward or embarrassed and be afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing?

This course combines original drama with powerful personal testimony from people with a range of disabilities and insight from the experts to show the practical steps you need to take in order to provide effective service for disabled customers and support disabled colleagues and staff.


Introduction to disability confidence
Disability confidence is a key requirement for staff and managers in every organisation. 
Why bother?
Being disability confident involves much more than just being disability aware. 
Effective communication
Treating everyone with respect will provide you with the foundation for building true disability confidence. 
Drama scenarios and analysis
Visiting disabled customers: drama done badly
What to do when visiting disabled customers in their home.
Visiting disabled customers: drama done well
Visiting disabled customers: analysis
People with visual impairments: drama done badly
People with visual impairments: drama done well
People with visual impairments: analysis
People who are deaf or hard of hearing: drama done badly
  • No prior knowledge required.
Что Вы изучите?
  • The advantages of being disability confident.
  • Why we may need to challenge our attitudes to disability.
  • The most appropriate ways to work with disabled colleagues and how to communicate with and serve disabled customers.
  • The types of ‘reasonable adjustments’ that need to be made for staff and customers with disabilities.
  • The importance of promoting appropriate behaviour in relation to deliberate bullying and harassment.
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully as part of a diverse team.
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Welcoming disabled colleagues and customers with confidence