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This course will take you from A-Z with everything you need to deliver an out-of-this-world vision board workshop experience! I have everything done for you, all you have to do is follow my syllabus. I'll teach you what to say, give you the worksheets you'll need to use to help your attendees figure out what areas of life they want to improve on, marketing help, how to get people excited about your upcoming event, exactly what to say to get people to sign up, where to find a location, how to set up your space, explain all the supplies you need and even how to organize lunchtime! This course is powerfully packed with loads of transformational goodness!

Understanding Visioning and vision boards
Learn all about this amazing tool
Welcome to the Course
A warm welcome to you!
Introduction - What is Visioning and How is it Transformational?
welcome to the course! Let's begin by understanding Visioning and how it can be transformational in our lives.
How to use a Vision Board?
Easy to follow guidelines on how exactly to use a visionboard
Various Types of Vision Boards
Here we will discuss the various types of visionboards and the different approaches people can have to doing a visionboard.
Vision Board Examples
Please view this link for many great examples of what Vision Boards can look like.
Creating your OWN vision board
We will create a vison board together and I'll share mine. We will also review some transformational tools you'll use in class.
Wheel of Life Transformational Coaching Tool
Grab a copy of the Wheel of Life worksheet because we are going to go through it and do it!  Please see downloadable worksheet below. 
Let's Create our Boards!
Are you ready for some FUN? Now we will get messy and create our own wonderful, joy-filled VISIONBOARDS!!
Your own Visionboard Assignment
Bringing it to the People
In this section we will talk about reasons to share your passion for visioning!
Why do a workshop and how much to charge?
Doing a workshop let's you share your passion, support others' in their personal growth, and make money doing something you LOVE!
  • A positive attitude and a love of helping others
  • An interest in the mind, visualization and dreamboards
  • Passionate about visionboards
  • You should be familiar with VisionBoard and love them.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Host your own Successful Vision Board Workshop
  • Know How to Advertise your Workshops and Create Enthusiasm
  • Understand location and materials needed
  • Understand the Syllabus and timing for your Workshop
  • Know what you need to teach before the vision boards creation starts
  • Become very knowledgeable about the visioning process and how to teach it
Mellisa Dormoy, CHt
Mellisa Dormoy, CHt
Imagery Therapist & Founder of ShambalaKids

Mellisa is the Founder and CEO of ShambalaKids, Amazon Best-selling Author, Educator and Guided Imagery Expert.

Her company ShambalaKids is dedicated to helping children and teens learn meditation and relaxation to increase self-esteem and self-worth and lower childhood stress.

Mellisa has trained teachers across the globe, and her CDs and books have been recommended by Mothering Magazine, Green Child Magazine, therapists and pediatricians alike.  

She has written three books including Guided Imagery work with Kids (Norton Publishers 2016, NYC) for therapists and professionals, Imagine That! A Meditative Storybook for Kids (CreateSpace 2016) and co-authored the Amazon best-seller The Midas Touch (Expert Author Publishing, 2015) with Dr. Joe Vitale of the movie The Secret.  

Mellisa’s years of formal and holistic training as well as over
16 years in the alternative medicine field along with her genuine loving,
energetic and down-to-earth personality attracts students from around the world
to train and work with her for both teaching students and personal healing.

Mellisa has recorded and produced over 30 CD titles and is a regular columnist for Green Child Magazine. She consults, teaches and runs retreats and workshops for adults in Fanwood, New Jersey.

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