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Learn How to use Pigments, its basic and advance features
Learn how to create different types of Leads, Plucks, Bass sounds
Confidently navigate Pigments and start designing their own sounds
Understand LFOs, Oscillators, Filters and Effects
О курсе

Want to learn Pigments?

Well here's a course for you! Learn the ins and outs of Pigments Synth by Arturia today!

You will learn everything you can know about Pigments and be able to create your own sounds.

I will go through all of pigments features, and enable you to know where everything is and what each function do. Pigment is an outstanding synth best of both worlds modern with it's wavetable engine and analogue engine which I consider a hybrid synth.

Massive Packed with pre-built presets to choose from. 

I will teach you first everything about pigments the fundamentals, then put everything into theory by creating advance sound design presets.

"I want to teach you everything, and I want you to succeed in music. Even if you're a hobbyist you get to learn to make Everything from scratch."

What makes me qualified to teach you?

I have studied at South & City, Birmingham college for 3 years and gained a Certificate BA Hons for music technology.

I also have the experience of making electronic music, I started making my own music since 2009.

In this course I will go through the following things:

  • Interface Layout & Basic functions
  • Preset Browser & Management
  • Importing audio samples in the wavetable
  • Oscillators (Both Wavetable & Analogue Engine)
  • Sequencer
  • Assign Modulation & Routing
  • Learn modulation sources (keyboard, Lfos, Envelopes, Random, Functions, Random, Combinate)
  • Effects
  • Filter Types

I will be including a large sum of sound design videos in the bonus section, by following along these videos you will  be able to create your own presets from scratch.  Learning  the process of how producers create their own certain sounds for certain genres of music. I will update it weekly.

Bonus - Genres of sound Design I will be covering

  • Dubstep (Growls, minimal, Riddim, Modern sounds)
  • Drum & Bass (Old style Reece basses, De-tuned/weird  basses)
  • Trance (Plucks, arps, Psy-trance bass)
  • House (Future House bass, Leads)
  • Trap (808 Kicks made in pigments!)
  • 8-bit/Synthwave/Ambient Music (Lush pads, Drones, Even more arps)
  • Future Bass
  • FX (sweeps, Crashes, Risers)
  • Learn how to create your own drums!
  • At Some point i will eventually make track from scratch just by using Pigments and essential daw mixing tools.

Click the enroll button today, and I'll see you soon.

Thank you,

Thomas Shane

Overall of the course
Interface Layout & Basic Functions
Overview of the synth
Preset Browser & Management
Learn how to use Presets, browser.
The Analogue Engine
Learn Analogue Engine
The Wavetable Engine
Learn Wavetable Engine
Filter Types
Filter Types
  • Pigments VST
Thomas Shane
Thomas Shane
Technology Addiction
Курсы Udemy подойдут для профессионального развития. Платформа устроена таким образом, что эксперты сами запускают курсы. Все материалы передаются в пожизненный доступ. На этой платформе можно найти курс, без преувеличений, на любую тему – начиная от тьюториала по какой-то камере и заканчивая теоретическим курсом по управлению финансовыми рисками. Язык и формат обучения устанавливается преподавателем, поэтому стоит внимательно изучить информацию о курсе перед покупкой.
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