Курс Ultimate Ear Training for Piano, Guitar, & More: Play by Ear

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People spend thousands of dollars every year in expensive college music degree programs, and virtually every one of them includes an ear training course of some kind.

They do it for good reason; hearing and identifying pitch is a powerful tool. Ear training helps you learn new songs faster. Ear training helps you avoid mistakes before they happen. Ear training gives you the ability to improvise and compose.

Now YOU can have an easy, yet thorough, overview of the most practical aspects of a college ear training course, focused on the typical modern musician's actual needs, at a tiny fraction of the cost.

We have pared down these long and complex courses into simple and practical tutorials that will help you really develop your ear for music.

You will learn how to:

  • Hear and identify the chords of nearly any song.
  • Know what families of notes and chords will sound best together when improvising or composing.
  • Learn new songs faster, using your ear to speed up the process.
  • Reduce your likelihood of live performance mistakes
  • Increase your ability to recover smoothly when mistakes might happen.
  • Plus much more!

Stop feeling jealous of great musicians who seem to effortlessly play whatever they hear.

Now you, too, can learn their secrets.

Why not start today?

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How to Recognize Scale Degrees
Learn how to sound out different steps of the scale and recognize them by ear in the context of a song.
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Что Вы изучите?
  • How to sound out chords and melodies by ear
Nathan Lawrence
Nathan Lawrence
B.A. Music Ed., Musician, Composer, Worship Leader

Nathan is an accomplished musician, worship leader and composer. He has taught one-on-one lessons for about 15 years. He has a B.A. in Music Education from St. Olaf College in Minnesota.  He has taught over 2000 students from over 100 countries through his Udemy videos.

He combines his classical music theory experience with the fun and excitement of modern music. His videos have a personal and relaxed style, with practical, condensed teaching that helps you learn lots of content at whatever pace you like.

He has played and sung in hundreds of worship services throughout the U.S. and has been recorded on over a dozen CD projects. He lives in Iowa with his wonderful wife, awesome kids, and their dog Patches.

Курсы Udemy подойдут для профессионального развития. Платформа устроена таким образом, что эксперты сами запускают курсы. Все материалы передаются в пожизненный доступ. На этой платформе можно найти курс, без преувеличений, на любую тему – начиная от тьюториала по какой-то камере и заканчивая теоретическим курсом по управлению финансовыми рисками. Язык и формат обучения устанавливается преподавателем, поэтому стоит внимательно изучить информацию о курсе перед покупкой.
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