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As a film composer, I had to learn Logic the hard way- thousands of hours of tutorials, years of trial/error, and more questions than I ever wanted to ask. So here, I've put together a super condensed version of what I have learned so far. It's 5 hours of some of the most packed material for a beginner of Logic pro. The first hour is probably the most important where I go over the most basic functions.  After that I explain what the effects and such do and how they affect the sound.  

This will really save you a ton of time if you go through it. It goes over the most used hotkeys and functions to help you create music, along with an overview of the instruments and effects including a few third party plugins like East/West orchestra. They're all videos, so just sit back, open up your Logic session and take good notes!

1 - The Very Basics
You'll be able to record and edit a number of instruments to create a basic song by the end of this section
1- Basic Setup
How to setup basic key commands(keyboard shortcuts) and basic functions like navigating around in Logic - NOTE: Download the "Richard Logic Key Commands" zip file 
6- Piano sustain pedal, Tempo automation, loops
How to use the pedal for a piano, Tempo automation and loops
7- Loops, Crossfading audio, Composing to video, Beat mapping
More on loops, crossfading, composing to movie picture, and beat mapping
3 - Basics of Synthesizers in Logic
You'll learn how synthesizers make sound and the basics of how to manipulate and alter the sound
9- Loading and using ES2, EXS 24, ESM Synthesizers
You'll learn how to navigate and load Logic instruments, as well as the basics of the synthesizers themselves
  • Get a mac with Logic 8 or 9.Logic X works as well but it has some new features.The basics are the same though.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Learn how to navigate, record, and edit notes
  • Learn how to adjust tempo, audio, loops and volume automation
  • Learn the basics of Logic's Synthesizers and effect plugins
Richard Williams
Richard Williams
Film Composer

Hi there!
As a film composer I have composed for everything from full orchestras, concert bands, jazz bands, to modern electronic music.  I was in Prague in 2014 recording music I composed for an album for a cool upcoming project(can't say more yet) with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  

While at Brigham Young University, I won two Student Emmys at the College TV Awards in Hollywood for music I composed for BYU's animations in 2010 and 2014.  

I play over 10 instruments from all the instrument families - brass, piano, drums, strings and woodwinds.  

I am also in an exciting upcoming cinematic pop band called TREN where we create custom music centered around movies such as Hunger Games, James Bond, Captain America: Civil War, and Alice through the Looking Glass.

I love learning new things and explaining or teaching things in an understandable way.  Teaching is my other passion besides music, so I hope that with my courses you'll see those two worlds come together to help you learn effectively!

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