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Create an amazing promo video that will sell your Udemy course.
Write an effective and converting promo video.
Get more students for your existing courses.
Get new students in less than 2 minutes.
Boost the number of students and 5 star reviews.
Understand how students buy courses.
Be charismatic and confident on camera.
Turn your living room into a professional looking studio.
Film and edit your promo with a minimal budget.
Create an effective promo in less than 3 minutes, without editing or professional software.
Get a professional voice-over with a 90% discount.
Find inspiring and unique music for your promo.
Find amazing stock footage.
Find professional video templates.
Test and improve your promo.
Discover trade secrets.
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  • Overall, 4000+ Satisfied Students Enrolled in our courses
  • Overall, 200+ TOP 5 Star Reviews from very happy students
  • 25 HQ lectures and over 2 hours of content

One of my first courses on Udemy got more than 1000
new students in less than 24 hours
and became an overnight bestseller, getting
great reviews, attracting even more students.
And you are about to learn, how to do the same!

What some students say about my courses:

''This course offers a ton of value and was presented in a compelling way Recommended.'' - Jimmy Naraine (bestselling instructor on Udemy)

"Great course. Everything was very clear and presented with a lot of passion. " - Joepperd D

"Outstanding. Very energetic videos that are motivating by conveying your high vibe and your easy to understand, practical content. I found lots of good advice in them that I will start to implement right away." - Gergely Horváth

As an Udemy instructor, you don't
want to spend weeks or even months on creating a great course and find out that
nobody wants to buy it. After analyzing hundreds of bestselling courses I've
discovered that no matter how great your course is, THE PROMO VIDEO will be the
first video that your students will see, and they'll use it to decide whather
to buy your course or not so let's make sure that they will!

About this course

I've been creating professional videos for more than 10 years and this course is all about creating a promo that will sell
your course.

devided this course in few simple sections.


In this section you'll learn
everything you need to know about effective what will make your promo video
great and converting. We'll be talking about different types of video, its
lenght etc.


I've analyzined promo videos of more than 300 best selling Udemy courses and
created a step by step formula which you will use to make your promo video a
real 10!


third section is about filming your promo.
You'll either film yourself in front of the camera, record your voice or both.
I will also show you how I created my own professional studio with a minimal


your promo will come to life in section 4 - where we'll be talking about editing and finishing your promo. We'll be
talking about editing software, templates, professional voice over and music.
From editing simple promos which can be finished in just 3 minutes, to
impressive advanced promos. You'll learn it all in section 4.

But there's even more! I've also included some exclusive
which you'll get for free. And don't forget that you can always get
your money back in 30 days.

Don't wait! Get this course right now.

Welcome to the course! This is the official Udemy course on how to create your own Best-selling Udemy Promo.I am so grateful you are here, because I presume you are taking your udemy business very seriously.

Udemy Course Mastery Outline:
  1. Introduction - what kind of promo video is ideal for your course, how long should your video be, what title to choose, etc
  2. Write your promo video - Message is the more important part. I will show you step-by-step how to do it, even if you have no experience at all.
  3. Filming & Producing your Udemy Promo. I will teach how to be charismatic on camera and how to turn your living room into a studio.
  4. Editing Your Promo - From Simple Steps to very Advanced Promos
  5. More Traffic To Your Promo
Action Step #1 - Introduce Yourself!
To get the maximum out of this course, introduce yourself. Do you have a course? Are you an instructor already? What are you teaching? Share with us!
Udemy Marketing Made Easy - Get More Students by Understanding These Few Factors
In this lecture, we shall look at what are the most important factors, when deciding if they want to buy your course or not.
Those are:
1. Title & Subtitle,2. Description and Course Contents,3. Lecture Titles,4. Social Proof (Rating & Number of Students)5. Instructor Authority6. Udemy Promo Video (MOST IMPORTANT)
One Simple Difference Between Effective and Ineffective Promo Videos
What is the most important thing about your promo? Your message, how it is written. It is not the flashy graphics what counts, but the persuasive text.
How Long Should Your Promo Be
Does udemy promo length matter? It is not about the lenght but about the message.If you know how to create attention and engagement your students will keep on watching.Keep it ideally under 2 minutes so you can keep their attention until the end.
Five Types of Udemy Promos and Which One is Perfect For Your Course
What kind of promos you can use for your course? We shall look at different kinds of promos and examples for each and every one of them.
  1. Simple promo #1 (screencast + voiceover)
  2. Simple promo #2 (talking head)
  3. Explainer (animation)
  4. Advanced Promo #1
  5. Advanced Promo #2 (Stock Footage)
What You Need to Remember When Using a Professional Voice Over
Is using a professional voice over better than using your own voice? We will look into that.

And you will see examples of that.
Udemy Promo Formula - Getting New Students in Less Than 2 Minutes
Marketing communication is not an art, it's a sience, everything happens for a reason, and I guarantee you, if you do this righat, you will never worry about new students again. Let's start!If you follow the rules and formula in this section you will be on you way to best-selling success on udemy. We will look at one of the best marketing strategies when it comes to writing a sales text for your video.
Follow the simple formula:
  1. Create A Hook
  2. Spark Interest
  3. Introduce Solution & Yourself
  4. Present Your Course
  5. Make an Offer they Can’t Refuse
  6. Reverse Risk
Write your own promo text much more effectively using the following productivity technique that we will cover in this video.
How to Write Your Promo and How I Improved My Productivity by 1000%
So by now you understand different components of your promo and how to make your course absolutaly irresistable. Let's see how to write it.

The best way to start your promo is by hooking your students from the early beginning. I will show you how to understand what your students want and grab their attention.
STEP 1 - Create a HOOK! - How to Get and Keep Their Attention
First seconds of your promo. Put yourself in the shoes of your students. Imagine where they are and where they want to be. What will catch their attention? Out goal is to create a hook and there are many ways to do it.
  • A computer or a laptop to work on (Windows or Mac)
  • A course on Udemy, draft or an idea for a course
  • An open mind and some passion for learning
Edmund Piunow
Edmund Piunow
Award Winning Video Director, Personal Branding Videographer
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