Udemy Insights: Get Your Course to Work for You - Unofficial

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Udemy Insights: Get Your Course to Work for You - Unofficial
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Udemy Insights: Get Your Course to Work for You - Unofficial
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Understand the vital Udemy parts that are really important.
Understand what makes a Udemy course great.
Know when to create a long or short course.
Know when to price a course high, low or free (or give away free coupons).
Knowing why make money courses sell well.
Realizing the real potential and why course announcements matter.
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Udemy Insights: New lecture added 10 of August 2015!

Important for all (potential) Udemy Course Instructors

You are looking at this course and asking yourself should I invest in this course yes or no? Let me answer that question for you, right away! This course is worth 6 months of your time. The lessons learned in here took me at least 6 month to realize.

Is $27 too much for 6 month of time saving tips?

Perhaps you might say, well this course is short! Well, yes, I love giving you the same information in a far more fluffy way but no! I realize if I can learn something in 5 seconds I would rather get that than offering the same information in a useless "thicker" way.

And besides, if you think like that, you really must watch this course, as this will address those points with insights! You will love it!

Are you really serious in your Udemy carrier? Well, if so perhaps you should start to invest in essential knowledge! This course will give you a far better foundation. Don`t believe me? Well, you be the judge! You can watch a lecture for free, and see yourself!

BONUS: Inspiring highly interesting Udemology Insiders Newsletter

In this course I decided to give you an additional bonus when you join! Every course needs a steady flow of fresh information! This is why I dedicate a weekly Udemology Insiders Newsletter. This newsletter is designed to help potential course instructors with new insights and understandings.

Every week (max 4 a month) you will receive a value packed insiders newsletter. You will understand things that you really should know! You will learn Udemy insiders terms such as:

  • URP
  • Expect the expected
  • Paradox of the course buying process
  • The real definition of Engagement
  • Secrets of getting more ratings
  • The definition of great a reat course
  • and alot more!
  • 95 / 5 rule of course watching
  • Udemy Insights: I wish I knew this before I started on Udemy!

    This course is Udemy course designed for (potential) course instructors. This course gives you special insights and ideas that are important and help you set your course apart from the others.

    Too many Udemy course instructors struggle and still have questions even before they start out on Udemy. However, the real question of a course instructor is not how to create a great course but what to do after the course is done.

    What to do after the course has been published!

    This course gives you 5 insights at the moment. Yes only five insights but they cost me a ton of time to realize. Many of these things are all from my personal experience and understanding all those mistakes I made and perhaps many others did as well.

    Learning this will help you to understand Udemy better and shapes your mind with a new mindset! Why am I saying this? Well, working on Udemy and truly enjoying and having success requires a specific way of thinking. I know because I made this mistake myself.

    What will I be able to do at the end of this course?

    At the end of this course you will start to realize more what you are doing. Being aware is the first step of the journey. You want to understand what you are doing and how the improve your course in new manners.

    Every question gives you alot of insights and tells you what you can do to improve your position to stand out of the crowd. With over 20 thousand courses this will be important. How to get picked and how to get your students come back everytime.

    Is this course for me?

    If you are a Udemy course instructor this course is really meant for you! If you are pondering to start on Udemy (I truly hope you do!) than this course is for you. Udemy is wonderful and this here are some insightful tips for every course instructor!

    Take this course right now!

    What you can expect from this course Udemy Insights course.
    You will get a quick overview of what you can expect from Udemy Insights.
    Udemy Insight: What you will learn from this course

    Udemy Insight: What you will learn from this course

    You receive a quick overview of what you will learn in this course. This course provide you alot of insights that will help you as a course instructor to create better courses.

    What I wish I knew before starting on Udemy!
    Understanding Udemy insights to help you succeed on Udemy
    What makes a Udemy course great?

    Udemy Insight: What makes a Udemy course great?

    In this lecture you will realize what makes a Udemy course great. You will notice your point of view will influence the way you look at a great Udemy course! It is shocking!

    Should I make long or short courses?

    Udemy Insight: Should I make long or courses?

    In this lecture you receive insights about the "paradox of the course buying process". This is my personal mind twister and understanding this will be important for you and your Udemy course!

    Should I price my course high, low or free?

    Udemy Insight: Should I price my course high, low or free (or free coupons)?

    In this lecture you receive insights free courses and free coupons. And you also receive insights about high priced courses or low priced courses.

    Are make money courses the best topics?

    Udemy Insight: Are make money courses the best topics?

    In this lecture you receive insights about the most common discussion on the Udemy Studio FB group. Many people are always questioning why the "make money courses" do great business. You will understand the psychology of education and perceived value!

    Why course announcements matter?

    Udemy Insight: Why course announcements matter?

    In this lecture you receive insights about why course announcements matter. This is really something that many instructors use to spam their students or offer far to less value. Discover how you can really use this in a much better way!

    What is the most important ranking factor in Udemy?

    Udemy Insight: What is the most important ranking factor in Udemy?

    In this lecture you receive insights about what the most important ranking factor is on Udemy. You will notice that many courses that rank high are longer course. However, perhaps you have a successful short course. If that is the case you really need to understand the most important ranking factor of Udemy. And you will realize how big the disadvantage if of a Udemy course that is 1 hour long compare to courses that are larger.

    How Udemy Ranking really works (The Udemy Eco System)!

    Udemy Insight: How Udemy Ranking really works!

    In this lecture you will learn and understand the Udemy Ranking eco system. Understanding how Udemy Ranking works is essential for higher rankings. You will realize that there are 3 key factors that play a role and how they are all connected to one thing that forces you to run the rat race!

    Besides, from now on you will know what impact a free course has on your rankings and how good or bad it is. You will be knowledge and know why having 1000 ratings in a day is eventually a short term play and "not that useful". Getting 1000 students in a short run with free coupons? You will know how uneffective that really is for your long term game plan!

    How engaged are you? Willing to go to the next step?
    Understand engagement and what to learn next!
    What you need to do next!

    Udemy Insight: What you need to do next!

    • An openmind and willingness to learn about Udemy
    • People who show any interest in becoming a Udemy instructor
    Nicky Wong
    Nicky Wong
    Data Analyst, Market Researcher, Data Visualizer!
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