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See how to easily structure your course
Learn how I attempted to create this course in just 8 working hours
Find ways to get free photos and graphics for your course
Learn how to make the sound clearer on your presentations
Learn how to use Green Screen in your productions
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This course shows you how to buiid a Udemy Course quickly, so you can start earning money from the Udemy platform. According to Udemy, the average Instructor earns over $10,000 for making a simple on-line course and putting it on the Udemy Platform.

If you're at all worried about whether you can make a course, I'll show step-by-step exactly how easy it is for you to do it  You don't even have to appear on screen.

Go behind the scenes, and watch as I show you my exact blueprint on how to construct a course bit by bit, building it completely during an 8 hour period. Could you spend just 8 hours of your life to make $10,000?

Read what some of my students have written about the course..

5 Stars

An Inspiring Course that De-Mystifies Online Course Creation

This is not the average 'how to create a Udemy course' course. As Michael clearly states on the landing page, this course is not so much about how to create the elements of a course. Instead, it is an actual example of how an instructor puts all of the elements together to produce a finished course. Happily, I did learn some tips and tricks relating to audio and video production but the greatest take-away for me came in actually seeing a real course come together. By taking away all of the intimidating behind-the-scenes mystery, Michael helped me see just how doable online course creation can be. I highly recommend this course for anyone who needs a little inspiration to finally take the challenge and create a course.

Very good. A whole course created in 8 hours or so

This would be a great course for anyone that is new to Udemy and want to get a quick snapshot of how to create a course from start to finish. It has a lot of meat for being put together so fast. I did learn of some new resources and techniques that I can use.

You will also learn about:

  • How you can create a course quickly
  • How to structure your course
  • How to Improve your audio on presentations using Audacity
  • Where to get free graphics and images to use in your course creation process
  • How to use green screen to improve your course videos.
  • The correct way of shooting a talking head video.

This is a warts and all look at the course creation process.

If, at the end of this, you come away thinking you are now more motivated to get your courses out there and published quickly and efficiently , then I have succeeded.

Ultimately, you will need both quality and to take action to be a success on Udemy. This course tells you all you need to know to get your course done. Every second you delay is money lost to you.

In fact, Im loving Udemy so much, this is my fourth course created in little over a month.

Join over 3000 successful students now taking my courses and benefiting from the lessons they've learned.

Enrol now and I'll show you how to get your course on Udemy quickly and with the minimum of fuss and start to your earn your share of the cash. As I said before, don't delay as ever second is costing you money that could be in your pocket.

See you in the course.


Course Updated July 2016

8 Hour Udemy Course Creation Challenge
Watch over my shoulder as I create a course in just 8 hours
Before we start......
Before we start... Before we start contains Information on what prompted me to make this course for you. How the course came about and the parameters of the 8 hour course creation challenge. I believe you will find the course very helpful if you are new to course making as I show you behind the scenes as I make a course live for you. If you are already experienced in course making, there are additional strategies in this course which you will find useful.

An introduction into my attempts to get a course created on Udemy in Just 8 hours

Udemy, Course Creation, Udemy Course, Education, making a course, Udemy Course Creation

How to create the bare bones
Watch over my shoulder as I create the bare bones of this course. In this lecture, we start from scratch with our course. You'll see how I Input the course title and the first part of the curriculum.  Everything is shown to you to ensure you can swiftly create the bare bones to your own course. See you in the lesson.
Uploading video from my phone to use on Udemy

How to convert files from MOV files taken to MP4 files to use for your course.

Uploading and publishing lectures

How I made and uploaded lectures 1-3 all done against the clock as part of the 8 hour challenge

The wrong way to shoot a talking head Video- If you hate heights look away!!

Filming 500 feet above Portsmouth. This is my take on what happens when a talking head video doesnt work out correctly and why you need to think about how you are producing your course. Afterwards I show you a different way of filming and doing the voiceover seperately.

Almost half way through the 8 hours

A quick review of where were at with almost 4 hours gone of filming.

Audio Quality and using Audacity
How the use of a free download of the Audacity software can improve your audio quality immensely. In this lecture you will hear audio without Audacity and then the same clip reproduced with it. I will also show you exactly how you can use it.
Course Structure

My 8 hour challenge was inspired by watching Bob Marx' excellent course 'How to create a Udemy course in 5 days or less (part time). I want to thank him and recommend you get his course for some fantastic ideas. This is my take (and some of his) on course structure.

6 hour update

A quick update at the six hour mark to show where I am in the course creation process.

Free graphics and pictures

Watch this video for some ideas on where to find some free graphics and photographs for use in your own courses

  • Access to a computer and the Internet.
Michael Ingram
Michael Ingram
Udemy Instructor teaching over 7000 Students
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