Udemy Course Creation For Passive Income (Unofficial)

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Discover how to easily create "How To" tutorials by simply recording your computer screen - no face-to-camera videos required!
Create & publish Udemy courses FAST, while also maintaining high quality.
Create a complete, multi-media course, including screencast video, downloadable PDFs and downloadable presentation documents.
Discover 5 different ways you can make money with Udemy.
Understand every step in the Udemy course creation process. We will walk through each section of the Udemy course roadmap, step-by-step.
Understand all aspects of my super-efficient methods for Udemy course creation. (No filming required and you do not have to appear on camera!)
Understand the basics of how to lay out your course landing page (from a marketing point of view) so you make more course sales!
Understand how to meet and exceed Udemy's course requirements to ensure that your course is created, published and approved quickly.
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Student review:

"I just finished watching this Udemy course. It is a comprehensive guide to developing and marketing a course on Udemy by someone who has 52 courses on the platform. He walks you through 5 different ways to make money with Udemy. Dave also takes you step-by-step, through the process of creating a course. He even shows you how to come up with ideas, if you don't have any." - Stacy

Would you like the FAST, EASY way to teach online right here, on Udemy, the world's largest online learning platform - and earn a passive income doing so?

(and, how about doing this without having to appear on camera?)

How would you like to learn this from a top Udemy course instructor - someone who has published 51 high quality Udemy courses and who has developed a super-simple Udemy course creation process?

My Udemy courses are currently making me thousands of dollars a month and, with 51 Udemy courses published, I am an expert at quick & easy Udemy course creation.

If you've decided that you want to enjoy all the benefits that come with publishing your own Udemy Course, such as:

  • Helping people
  • The joy of teaching and
  • Enjoying a nice, passive income

then you've come to the right Udemy course!

I've been teaching online for 18 years, (and on Udemy for the last 4 years) and in that time, I've discovered and created a variety of ways to streamline the Udemy course creation process

In fact, recently, I published 2 Udemy courses in 2 days - a new record for me! (and these are high-quality courses that get 5 star reviews, which proves that you can make a high-quality course in a short period of time)

And now, in this Udemy course, I will show you, step-by-step, how to use these streamlined methods so YOU can quickly and easily create your Udemy courses and begin making money with Udemy, as soon as possible.

In this course, you will get the following:

* Why Udemy course creation is an exciting way to build a passive-income lifestyle

* We take a look at some of Udemy's early "high-income" success stories

* How Udemy courses benefit from "The Network Effect" and how you can benefit, too

* 5 different business models / approaches you can take to make money with Udemy

* The powerful benefits you gain with proper Udemy course creation and from being a top-paid Udemy instructor

* My super-streamlined approach to Udemy course creation (this is how I created 2 Udemy courses in 2 days and these are the same strategies that have been proven from my 51 published Udemy courses)

* I walk you through Udemy's Course Creation Roadmap, literally step-by-step, so that you understand every step of the Udemy course creation process and how to maximize it

* Little-known Udemy course creation / Udemy course design tips and tricks all along the way - I'll teach you these proven strategies!

In short, if you want the fastest possible way to Udemy course creation success, this is the course for you.

It's time to get UNSTUCK and move forward toward your new, exciting future with Udemy!

* Stop wasting time with all the common questions people have when it comes to Udemy course creation / design

* Stop wondering if you are doing it right or if you are doing something horribly wrong

* Stop delaying and procrastinating - it's time for you to make this happen - and with this course, you will move forward to fast that your head will spin! (in a good way)

Your enrollment is backed by Udemy's 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you risk nothing by trying and you stand to gain a whole new way of living - creating and publishing Udemy courses for a living.

Teaching online is an exciting lifestyle because you begin to get paid 24 / 7 every day of the week - I'm living it, and you can too!

Enroll today and get lifetime access as well as lifetime updates - as I make updates to the course, you will be notified.

As a course member, you get to ask questions at any time - I'm excited and anxious to help you as you venture through your own Udemy course creation process!

Introduction To Udemy And Udemy Course Creation
Discover the amazing world of Udemy and the massive potential available to you.
Welcome To The Exciting World Of Udemy!
Discover why becoming a Udemy instructor is one of the most exciting things you can do! This lecture walks you through Udemy's amazing growth and shows you the massive increases in traffic that Udemy has experienced, just in recent years.
A Look At Some Truly Amazing Udemy Success Stories
At the end of 2014, Udemy announced that their top ten instructors had earned $10 million on the Udemy platform.In this lecture, you'll learn about some of Udemy's amazing success stories, which can help us all dream bigger. Learn about the Udemy instructor who generated $66,000 in one month and the "dynamic duo" who generated $250,000 in two months!I include these success stories to help motivate you and to show what's possible when you have a high-demand topic and decide to teach that topic on Udemy.
The Exciting Future For Udemy And You
In this lecture we delve into what Udemy is and why it is positioned to be a giant in the world of online learning. We look at the mega-trends that are driving its success and why these trends will continue to drive it to massive success.We also discuss why, those who get on board now will stand to reap massive rewards as Udemy instructors.
Five Ways To Make Money With Udemy - 5 Key Business Models

Discover the various ways you can make money with Udemy.

In this lecture, we cover 5 unique and interesting ways to approach Udemy as a business.

Don't have a lot of expertise? You can use the "Publisher Model" to help other people publish their courses on Udemy and share in the revenue.

Want to recommend Udemy courses for income? You can refer people to Udemy courses and promote Udemy courses as an affiliate.

We discuss 3 other opportunities in this exciting lecture!

BONUS - Get The Downloadable PDF Version Of This Presentation Here
Get the PDF of this presentation and print it out, take notes on it, or just leave it as a digital file so you can click on the links.
Benefits Of Being A Udemy Instructor
The benefits of being a Udemy instructor are many. This section covers some of the best benefits.
7 Awesome Benefits Of Being A Udemy Instructor
I love being a Udemy instructor! Discover some of the awesome benefits of being a Udemy instructor. When you do it right, you will be able to live the "internet lifestyle" and enjoy passive income.
Two Of The Most Powerful Benefits Of Being A Udemy Instructor
In this lecture, discover 2 of the most powerful benefits of being a Udemy instructor.These two benefits are what make Udemy stand apart from just about any other opportunity to teach online!
Beginning The Udemy Course Creation Process
You'll walk through the first steps to creating your Udemy course and understand how to develop ideas for courses, how to outline your course and how to meet Udemy's requirements at the same time.
Understanding Udemy Course Categories To See Where Your Course Fits

In this lecture, we take a look at the main course categories that you can publish in and we also take a look at one of those categories and the sub-categories below that main category, to get a feel for how the category / sub-category hierarchy works.

Exercise: Free Your Mind!

In this exercise, we engage in a simple exercise that will help you come up with course topics and ideas for courses that you can create and publish on Udemy.

By doing this exercise, you will develop a deeper understanding of the variety of experiences and skills you've developed over the years that can be turned into Udemy courses!

  • In this course, I recommend that you use Screencast-o-matic, a screencast recording tool that is amazing, inexpensive and easy to use.
  • In order to record your courses, you will eventually need a good microphone. I discuss some of the better-known microphones inside the course.
  • Total expense required for being a top-notch Udemy instructor? Between $50 - $125 total.
Dave Espino
Dave Espino
Be successful today with proven, real-world strategies
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