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START a full time business at Udemy
BUILD a full time business teaching online at Udemy
TRANSFORM your online school teaching into a full time business
TAP into the power of Linkshare as a Udemy affiliate
CREATE and BUILD your students list
CREATE backups of your online schools
CAPTURE email addresses of students outside of Udemy
CATCH a vision of what Udemy can do for your business
DO EFFECTIVE marketing to build your loyal list of students
USE the Bonus lecture in Udemy wisely for your marketing
OPTIMIZE sales growth during the year
WORK around the cycles of sales metrics
TAP into the five power hourses of Udemy
MARKET effectively with your courses and launches
LAUNCH your courses to New & Noteworthy
GET featured in the TOP Paid for Udemy to promote for you
WORK smart as a Udemy Affiliate
MARKET to people who want to take online courses
TAKE ADANTAGE of doing deeplinks as an affiliate
MUST build loyal lists of followers for a business
О курсе

This Course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

Udemy Credible Business - Transform Udemy into a Full Time Business teaching online, teaching what you love!  Learn how to be successful as a Udemy Instructor + Udemy Affiliate! 

Rosa's Online School:   

  • Teaching 24      Courses on Business Successes - Udemy, Kindle, Skillshare! 
  • Teaching 93      Courses on Music & Piano Courses! 

OVER 74,000 Successful students have already taken my online courses since July 2014 with many 5 Star Reviews   


I've been teaching at Udemy for two and a half year.  After this experience, I am convinced that all Udemy instructors can TRANSFORM Udemy into a full time business in 2 years time. 

You need a VISION, a plan, a workable blueprint to work hard to build a credible business in Udemy.

This Big opportunityis open right in front of all Udemy instructors. Even if you are new,

you won't be left behind if you take action TODAY! The sad truth is that many seasoned Udemy instructors don't even make money at Udemy with this wide open door opportunity.  They only have themselves to blame for NOT taking the right action to get BIG results!  This goes for existing and future Udemy instructors!

The Time is NOW!    Any serious Udemy instructors can build a credible stable business on Udemy if they do effective marketing and do wise promotions inside and outside of Udemy.  Many Udemy instructors
WILL make lots of money with a stable income. It is there for you to take should you reach
out and grab it!

My Revenue Earning in Udemy hit to a 5 Figure earning in less than half a year.  During the past year, I am able to get an average of 3 to 4K per month with the highest peak sale at 7.2K in November.  Next year will be even better as the business grows.

Here's the Big Secret: Learn how to do effective marketing and promotion by building and growing YOUR own students list.  Your students in Udemy are Udemy's students. They are not your customers.  The money is in the LIST and you need to BUILD your own list of students for effective marketing to promote your Udemy courses and to promote other instructors courses as a Udemy AFFILIATE.  Even as an affiliate, you can earn up to 2K in prime time during Udemy promotions (November & January).

This Udemy course is in response to students request to coach them.
I thank you that you put so much faith and trust in me.  There is
enough time for you to make some breakthrough to slowly turn Udemy into a full time business.  I am here to show you EXACTLY what I did so that you too can follow my footsteps teaching full time online and doing what you love!

Know that Udemy is there to help you.
You also need to learn how to partner up with Udemy to get Udemy working for you.

1.  Be an outstanding Udemy Instructor

2.  Earn a passive side income as a Udemy affliate

Learn from my experience!

Nothing happens haphazardly!

Follow My Business Model:  Catch the Udemy Vision

1.  Business Strategy 1:  Catch a vision of what Udemy can do for you

2.  Business Strategy 2: All Udemy instructors should also sign up as a Udemy affiliate

3. Business Strategy 3: Overview of a Credible Udemy Business Model

There are 34 Marketing & Promotion Tips as yo follow my Business Model: 

Marketing Tip 1:   Effective Marketing - Must Build & Grow YOUR students list

Marketing Tip 2:  Build your students list OUTSIDE of Udemy

Marketing Tip 3:  Udemy's Bonus Lecture Secret #1

Marketing Tip 4:   Build YOUR students list with BLOGS

Marketing Tip 5: GROW YOUR students list with YOUR Online schools

Marketing Tip 6:  Use Special Features in Teachable Online School for Marketing

Marketing Tip 7:  Tips to Use Teachable Platform Differently from Udemy

Marketing Tip 8:  Udemy Bonus Lecture Secret #2

Marketing Tip 9:  Use Special Features in Zenler Online School for Marketing

Marketing Tip 10:  Market to your Loyal list with YOUR Coaching Forum

Marketing Tip 11:  Weekly Newsletters via Autoresponders: Aweber & Mailchimp

Marketing Tip 12:  Understand the Cycle of Sales

Marketing Tip 13:  Analyze your Udemy Sales Graph

Marketing Tip 14:   Watch for Sales Spikes

Marketing Tip 15:   Your Business is in the steady Sales Growth

Marketing Tip 16:  Watch out for Sales Slump

Marketing Tip 17: Fiver Power Houses for Effective Marketing

Marketing Tip 18: Tap Into the Power House of Udemy Organic     

Marketing Tip 19:Tap Into the Power of New Course Creation

Marketing Tip 20: Tap Into My Secret Weapon of Marketing to get serial buyers

Marketing Tip 21:Tap into the Power of '4' to get lots of sales

Mark in Your Calendar - Course Launches Months

Marketing Tip 22: The Importance of  Dominating Category - Dominating it

Marketing Tip 23: Marketing within the Udemy Platform - 6 Announcements

Marketing Tip 24: Powerful Udemy Cross Promotion

Marketing Tip 25:Only 4 Areas of Concentration

Marketing Tip 26:How to get affiliate links from Udemy Advertiser

Marketing Tip 27:How to get your affiliate links to100 Best Selling Courses

Marketing Tip 28:Getting Affliate Banner Links for your Website

Marketing Tip 29:Promote your own courses with Deep Linking

Marketing Tip 30: Promote subject courses via Deep Linking

Marketing Tip 31:Keyword customization in the URL Link

Marketing Tip 32:Focus marketing strategies in these 3 Areas

Marketing Tip 33:Target at students who are active taking online courses

Marketing Tip 32:Target to local students in workshops & seminars

Marketing Tip 34:Target Lists from Forums

Bonus Section:  Interview with FIVE Udemy successful Instructors

Scott Paton

Sharon Ramel

Anneke Camstra

Len Smith

Teresa Greenway

Join us as my students are having lots of fun in here.

Enroll into this course & I will see you inside,


About Rosa's Online Course:
  Over 74,000 very happy students already in my Udemy classes

  • See the 5 Star Reviews from VERY satisfied students
  • You get free lifetime access
  • All videos are at your finger tips to watch anytime & anywhere
  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always free
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee and that's my personal promise to your success!
  • Join this happy family of students

Enroll into the course and I will see you inside


Introduction of the Course - 2 Pillars of Udemy Business
Register iwth these 2 Platforms to Build a Business at Udemy
Business Model : Catch the Udemy Vision - Start a Business with Udemy Today
Catch a vision of what Udemy can do for you in these 2 Areas!
Business Marketing Strategy #1:Build & Grow Your Your Own Students List
To grow your business in Udemy, you need do marketing using other platforms!
  • Start teaching at Udemy
  • You need a computer and a microphone to record your lectures
  • To produce professional lectures, you need a video editor. You can start off with a free one and then use Camtasia for professional video editing.
  • You do not need teaching experience to teach at Udemy but if you are not a teacher, I recommend you to take some teaching training courses to learn how to do powerful presentations!
  • You do not need to have a list of followers but you need to START building up a list of followers when you take this course.
Rose for Udemy and Kindle
Rose for Udemy and Kindle
Kindle Best Seller, Udemy Coach, Teaching 40 Udemy Courses
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