Turn Your Non Fiction Book Into A Course

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How to turn your book (or almost book) into a course
How to take any chapter and turn it into course materials
How to create a course and learning plan which makes it easy for you to start recording
How find ideas for building a sales funnel
How to become a course creator
О курсе

Turn your non-fiction book into a course and profit from your knowledge

Udemy is a great platform and you will certainly reap the benefits of creating your course with them. There are no start up costs. They of course take a profit share, but you would expect that, wouldn't you?

As an author it makes sense to turn your book into a course. If you are still in the planning stage you can also create an online course right now - your book does not need to be published!

What you'll learn

  • How to turn your book (or almost book) into a course
  • How to take any chapter and turn it into course materials
  • How to create a course and learning plan which makes it easy for you to start recording
  • How find ideas for building a sales funnel
  • How to become a course creator

Having a book is one of THE best statements you can possibly make about your expertise and your knowledge. Sharing it in a course means that more people get to know you and learn from you, whilst you make money doing what you love.

You already have expertise and experience, a story to tell, some how-to knowledge and most importantly a book or almost book.

All you need to do now is to learn how to turn it into a course.  

How Can I Help? 

I have put this programme together to teach you a step-by-step process that helps you turn your book into a course that will help you to a) make money b) raise your brand c) give you an additional asset to use alongside your book

The Right Foundation 

I start by helping you to re look at the outline for your book. Then we look at which content can be turned into lectures. With a strong outline as a foundation, you are ready to create your course.

Linking book to your course 

Next I will show you how to turn your content into a course that will engage your ideal customer.

Course Structure 

Turn your book into a profitable course programme comes with videos and downloadable worksheets or spreadsheets to guide you through exactly what you need to do.

Your Commitment 

You can do this really quickly. Put aside some time every day for two to four weeks (you might even be able to do it over a few weekends) and you will get your course finished. I recommend that you watch each section, do the work and create your course as you go along.

Make this the month you expand your books reach, with a course. 

Where you are now?  

  • You may have your book written and ready to go  
  • You may be writing your book and planning ahead or you may only be at outline stage.  
  • What matters is that you have a book that you want to share to a wider audience and make money.  
  • My question is - do you want to learn how to turn your book (or almost book) into a course?  
  • Yes? Great you are in the right place.

Enroll now and let's get that book off the bookshelf and available to a wider audience.  

Introduction and welcome to 'Profit from your knowledge'
At the end of this introductory session you will know what this course is about and how to get the best out of it
Meet Dale and find out about this course
Quick introduction to me to tell you who I am and why I am teaching this course.As the author of 6 books, 3 of which are courses and any more to come, I have certainly learnt a lot. Each time I come to create a new course there is something else for me to learn and I will share with you what I have learnt on the way.Not only am I am author, but I also help others to write and publish books and have a process for that.My career started in IT training and over the years migrated to softer skills. Not only do I teach and coach in person, I teach and coach online.It is important that you know that I am approachable and that you can ask any question you like.You can use the discussion tool or message me privately. I will always respond with one day.Every question is valuable and will help other students to learn, so please do ask.The course
After the first flush of success with your book, you may find yourself feeling a little flat and wondering how to maximise the investment you have made in your book.Turning your book into a course will help you to create recurring revenue and provide you with an additional asset and tool for your business.Welcome to 'Turn your book into a profitable course'. I developed this course after I turned three of my books into courses.

My objective is to show you how to do the same thing with your books.Your book
  • May be written and published
  • You may be writing
  • You may have an outline and content
What is important is that you have a book that is inproduction in some way and that you want to find a way to turn it intoan online course to help you promote your book, build your brand andmake money.
Turning your book into a course - the steps
This lecture provides an overview of the steps you will be taking to turn your book into a course.
How to get the most out of this course
Familiarise yourself with the Udemy system for delivering course content and look through the lectures so that you know what is coming and how you will use your course. Check out the buttons and how things work.

We are all different, some people like to learn the course by starting at the beginning, whilst others like to skim through and watch random lectures.

Work out what works for you. Make sure that you follow the steps as these will 'logically' step you through how to turn your book into a course.Get started by becoming an instructor.

Follow the instructions for becoming an instructor and familiarise yourself with the Udemy system (or whichever system you are setting your course up on). Udemy has a process for you to follow - follow it and you can't go far wrong.  If in doubt use the Udemy resources and studio on Facebook to ask questions.Follow Udemy's guidelines to becoming a premium instructor. There will be a time lag of approx. 48 hours (excluding weekends) for this to go through.

Premium instructor status means that you can charge for your courses and get paid. It is really motivating to start to set up your curriculum. Whilst you don't know what the course outline is yet, getting started  will help you to feel that you have begun the creation process and is very motivating.

Not only that you can start to learn how the curriculum process works.

Take some time to play with the tools and get familiar with how everything looks from both the student and instructor perspective.

This will save you time later on when you come to upload and set up your course.
What do you already know?

We sometimes forget what we already know, so this is a gentle reminder that you know a lot and you can bring all of your resources to your course.

Think of situations where you have used your skills - how can you re-use them here? What skills do you need to brush up on?

Getting started - steps to get you up and running quickly
You will be set up on Udemy and have the bare bones of your course created
Tools to make your course production easier
What tools do you need to consider investing in? Please remember that these tools I mention have been built up over a number of years, and as time has gone by I may have upgraded my equipment.

Start with the essentials, beg, borrow and don't steal, friends and colleagues equipment before you buy. Products like Camtasia are essential. I always use the free trial offers to see how I get on with products and I watch training videos to learn how. You owe it to yourself to get the best that your budget will allow.
Actions and check lists - getting started


At the end of this session you will have the basics set up andfeel like you have started your course. You will know what tools youneed and can budget accordingly.


Getting started is always the hardest step, but now you have and congratulations. Being ready for action is a great feeling.


  1. Do the quick set up
  2. Follow Udemy's instructions
  3. Get your workspace and tools sorted
  4. Set up the first part of your curriculum
Planning - step by step process for getting your content ready
The steps that will take you from your book to a fully outlined course which is ready to be recorded
Step 1 - read your book
In this step I want you to read your book. You of course know what your book is about, but this is reading it and being mindful of what parts could lend themselves to video, worksheets, case studies, interviews etc.

It is also about advising your unconscious mind that you are preparing to turn it into a course.

You will find that once you have read through it with your 'course head' on, lots of ideas will start to come to you.

The benefit of doing a first pass read through is that it starts your creative juices flowing and gets your left brained logic thinking about flow.

At this stage it is just a mindful read through.
Step 2 - creating the course outline and lecture plan

Watch this lecture to understand my process for getting content from my book and turning it into a course outline.

Having a structure and a process will help you to take your creative ideas and logically form them into a course that flows.

Your book may be written one way and you may decide that your course will flow better another way.

Adapt for the way that you like to work. Take your time, have fun and remember to factor in some reflective time.

When you get to the end of this lecture you will be able to start looking at the production stage.

Outlining - using the outlining and lecture planner tools with your book

This lecture expands on the previous lecture by showing you live how to go through your book and select content for different aspects of your course.

  • Have a book idea and enough content that can be used to create a course
  • Are writing a book or are planning to write a book
  • Have a book that they want to turn into a course
  • Want to add an extra income source and can use their book as the inspiration
Dale Darley
Dale Darley
Coach, Writer, Author
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