Turkish Made Simple: A Comprehensive Course for Beginners

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О курсе

Learn the vocabulary, grammar and communication skills you need to become a confident Turkish speaker.

There are many good reasons for wanting to learn Turkish:

  • Are you planning a trip or a move to Turkey?
  • Do you want to master everyday situations with Turkish speakers?
  • Do you wish that you were able to speak with your Turkish family and friends?
  • Would you like to better honor your Turkish heritage?
  • Are you curious about the Turkish language?
  • Do you want to develop or improve your Turkish reading, writing, speaking and listening skills?

No matter your reasons for wanting to learn Turkish, this course is the perfect starting point. It covers all four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, and you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to learn in your own home or on the go.

Course Structure:

Learning a language takes commitment and exposure, but it doesn't have to be hard and tedious work. However, it does require a structured approach and consistency.

I have kept the grammatical explanations as simple and user-friendly as possible to allow you to progress at a steady pace but at the same time build up a sound understanding of how the language works and so build up your confidence.

This is what you can expect:

  • Professional, fun and easy-to-understand lessons
  • Captivating exercises that let you test your comprehension.
  • Guided speaking lessons to build your conversational skills
  • Exceptional support and prompt answers to your questions
  • Considerable vocabulary training and grammar instruction to build your conversational skills.
  • A 30-day full refund guarantee, no questions asked
  • And last but not least… to learn Turkish in no time!

Are you ready? Enroll in this course and start your Turkish journey today!

Welcome! Hoşgeldiniz!
Welcome! Hoşgeldiniz!
Turkish Alphabet
Turkish Alphabet
The Rule of Vowel Harmony
The Rule of Vowel Harmony
  • This is a beginners' course and requires no previous knowledge of Turkish.
  • The language of instruction in this course is English.
  • Be committed and motivated to complete this course in full.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Learn to read and pronounce words correctly
  • Greet and introduce yourself in Turkish very easily
  • Express farewell and gratitude
  • Write, revise and proofread short texts on different themes
  • Good understanding of basic grammar: how to make questions, tenses and etc.
  • Improving your speaking skills in Turkish
Elvin Allazov
Elvin Allazov
Entrepreneur│Author│Business Educator

Hello, thanks for looking. I'm Elvin! 

I speak several languages fluently! I am founder of My Azeri Classes, an education platform with extensive teaching materials on learning Azerbaijani Language as a Foreign Language. My books resources are widely used by larger expat community and diplomatic agencies in Azerbaijan.   

I am Business Studies & Cambridge German Language instructor in institutions in Azerbaijan, and part time consultant in start-up businesses specializing in writing business plans, business content, financial modelling and investment memorandum.

Prior to that, I worked several years as an investment analyst in big firms and industries like private equity, financial services and banking in Baku, Frankfurt am Main and London.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude in Economics and hold Masters in Finance from Frankfurt University.

Курсы Udemy подойдут для профессионального развития. Платформа устроена таким образом, что эксперты сами запускают курсы. Все материалы передаются в пожизненный доступ. На этой платформе можно найти курс, без преувеличений, на любую тему – начиная от тьюториала по какой-то камере и заканчивая теоретическим курсом по управлению финансовыми рисками. Язык и формат обучения устанавливается преподавателем, поэтому стоит внимательно изучить информацию о курсе перед покупкой.
Turkish Made Simple: A Comprehensive Course for Beginners