Turkish language course - from beginner to fluent speaker!

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Turkish language course is a complete course for beginners in spoken and written Turkish. It is suitable for those who wish to acquire a small amount of the language to get the most out of a visit to Turkey. It is also ideal for those who require a deeper knowledge of the language in order to communicate effectively in a range of everyday situations.

We assume no previous knowledge of foreign language learning and avoid grammatical terminology where possible. Where such terms are unavoidable, we explain them in plain lay English. Completing this course will give you an intermediate-level knowledge of both spoken and written Turkish. We have designed this course for self-tuition and so it is wholly self-contained.

Course is made of 10 carefully graded and interlocking sections. Each unit starts with the dialogue, accompanied by simple comprehension questions and notes about the language or Turkish culture. Further you have grammar lessons, where language points are explained, using plenty of examples to illustrate them. The exercises which follow are an essential part of each unit. Open-ended questions have been avoided so you can complete all the exercises using just the answer key. Each unit ends with a second, shorter dialogue which is linked to the opening one.

For self-study we recommend that you use additional documents provided in the curriculum. 

We introduce the bricks and mortar of Turkish in small, digestible chunks and they are essential to allow you to communicate further.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Communicate in a variety of everyday situations
  • Have a knowledge of the major grammar points of Turkish
  • Master everyday situations in a Turkish speaking countries
  • Communicate accurately what you want to say
  • Develop you reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Talk Turkish easy and fluently

Turkish language course covers all four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. It is not important if you are a complete beginner or you want to prepare yourself for the business trip or vacation, or you don’t have to time to spent on different classes, through this course you can determine your own pace of learning and to become fluent speaker of Turkish language.

So, if after reading this description you realize that this course is for you than enroll, enjoy learning and of course after completing course, speak Turkish language.

Görüşürüz! :)

Introduction and Learning tips
To know what they can expect from this course, and about Turkish language generally.
This lecture will give you insight into the course and tell you what can you expect from it. 
Learning Turkish - 5 things you need to know
A little bit more about theoretical part of learning Turkish and 5 things you need to know about it!
Introduction with Turkish language
Introuduction about Turkish language origins, usage, as well as grammar, sounds and vocabulary. 
Pronunciation Practice
Pronunciation practice - survival guide, are basics terms you need to know to survive in Turkey! Keep them with you all the time once you start your journey. :)
Pronunciation Practice - Survival guide
Article about basic things in Turkish language, or so called survival guide. It is related to the previous lecture. 
Students after this section will be able to pronunciate every letter of Turkish alphabet and to see examples in English language for better understanding
Turkish Alphabet / Alfabesi
Of course, letters of Turkish language or Turkish alphabet.
The Alphabet and Pronunciation
A little more about Turkish alphabet in article. 
Meeting people
Students will be able to meet people, to learn basic things about visiting grocer shop and vowel and consonant harmony
In this lecture, you willhear exchanging geetings, asking for goods in shops, ask simple questions and make simple statements. 
Notes on 'Merhaba' conversation
Some notes about conversation in the previous lecture related to the language and Turkish culture. 
  • • This is a beginner-intermediate level course and doesn’t require any previous knowledge of Turkish
Что Вы изучите?
  • Communicate in a variety of everyday situations
  • Have a knowledge of the major grammar points of Turkish
  • Master everyday situations in a Turkish speaking countries
  • Pronounce Turkish words correctly
  • Talk Turkish easy and fluently
  • Reading and understanding texts
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