Turkish for Beginners - Conversation

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Welcome to Turkish for Beginners - Conversation Course. Turkish is widely spoken in the world but mainly in Turkey and Cyprus by native speakers.

Master the essentials of Turkish on a conversational basis, where you will be able to hold daily life conversations. The lectures are specifically designed to help you guide through the daily life conditions like shopping, going out or emergency.

Whether you want to spend some time in your vacation in Turkey or you want to excel in your language skills to do business or for leisure, this course will give you a perfect introduction with hands-on approach to the language.

Throughout the course you will have interactive videos, work sheets and exercise sheets to excel in the language. In the worksheets you will find useful vocabulary in addition to the ones in the videos to extend your vocabulary, I designed this course for beginners, so it helps you fully if you are a beginner.

The content of the course will be the following:

  • Introduction to Turkish as a language
  • Pronunciation
  • Personal Introduction
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Getting around in town
  • Social life and eating out
  • Shopping
  • Illnesses and emergencies
  • Useful Phrases

As a bonus to the course we created pdf documents for vocabulary which you can print out and learn without using your computer.

Now sit back and discover a whole new language and have fun at the same time!

In this section you will find out what you will learn during the course
Introduction: The Course OVerview

In this chapter you will hear about what you should expect from this course

We will learn how to pronounce the letters

Learn how to pronounce Turkish letters

Personal Introdcution
Learn how to introduce yourself, tell about your name, where you come from, your age and profession
Personal Introduction

Learn about how to introduce yourself, talk about your nationality, age and what you like

I like...

Worksheet related to what you like/dislike

I like... exercise sheet

Exercise related to hobbies

Coutries Worksheet

Worksheet related to countries

Countries Exercise Sheet

Exercise related to countries

Getting Around and Landmarks
In this chapter you will learn how to find landmarks and ask for directions
Getting Around and Landmarks
Learn about how to ask directions for different landmarks
  • You do not need to have prior knowledge of the language
Что Вы изучите?
  • Learn basic sentence structures and vocabulary
  • Make personal introductions with name, age, nationality, hobbies, likes and dislikes
  • Ask for prices in shopping, ask for different sizes, colors and negotiate
  • Ask for help in case of emergency and articulate the illnesses if they have
  • count in Turkish
  • Order food, ask for the check in restaurants and bars
  • Ask for directions for specific landmarks
  • Use some phrases/idioms that are used often in daily life
Asli Aladag
Asli Aladag
Product Manager, Certified Yoga Teacher, Language Enthusiast

I have been qualified 52nd among almost 1 million students in Turkey for English & Turkish language skills in the state exam, after which I decided to expand this knowledge by focusing on teaching the language and making translations as a professional. I have been working on language teaching and translations with a great passion since the last 9 years. My experience includes private tutoring (online and offline) , translations of legal agreements, technical documents, marketing and finance articles.

Now living in Berlin, I am working as a freelance translator, tutor and online marketer.

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