Tidy Up Your Home: The KonMari Method

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Have you ever tidied all day, only to find that the clutter is back again within a week? Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your space, but have no idea where to begin?

Tidying is an important skill, but not many people have learned how. Brought to you by Marie Kondo, the best-selling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, this course teaches how to put your space in order in a way that will change your life forever. Students will learn how to finish tidying their homes, and be surrounded by only the things that spark joy.

What is this course about?

This course covers the philosophies of the KonMari Method and basic folding and storage techniques. It includes lectures by Marie Kondo and her assistants, as well as visual aids to deepen the students' understanding. The course is also accompanied by special access to our website's portal, where you can track your tidying progress. Students are also invited to join an exclusive Facebook group, where you can share questions and answers and support each other during the tidying process.

There are no prerequisites for the course, only that you have a space you want to tidy and never revert to clutter again.

By the end of the course, you will have learned the life-changing magic of tidying up, and begin living a life that sparks joy.

The Basics of the KonMari Method
Greeting and introduction
About this course
The basics of KonMari Method 1: Essential skills of tidying
The basics of KonMari Method 2: Tidy quickly, completely, and all at once
The basics of KonMari Method 3: The "spark joy" standard
The basics of KonMari Method 4: How to choose what sparks joy
The basics of KonMari Method 5: Tidy by category, not by location
The basics of KonMari Method 6: The correct order of tidying
The basics of KonMari Method 7: Expressing gratitude
The Basics of Storage
The basics of storage 1
  • This course doesn't have any prerequisites. So long as you want to tidy, anyone can learn.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Tidy a home using the KonMari Method
  • Learn the basics of folding clothing and storing belongings
  • Understand the philosophies of the KonMari Method
  • Lead a life that sparks joy
Marie Kondo
Marie Kondo
Best-selling author and lifestyle expert

Marie Kondo (“KonMari”) is a Japanese organizing consultant, author, and visionary entrepreneur. She developed a revolutionary method of organizing known as the KonMari Method, which consists of gathering together everything you own, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that "spark joy." Going far beyond a typical “tidying how-to,” her method is a way of life and a state of mind that encourages you to cherish the things that bring you true joy – a refreshing alternative to today’s mass consumer society.  

Marie has captured the findings from her lifelong journey of organization in her best-selling books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Spark Joy, and The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up, and now on Udemy. Her books have sold over 8.5 million copies worldwide and have been published in more than 40 countries.

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