Thrive Guide for Parents of Premature Babies

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Thrive Guide for Parents of Premature Babies
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Thrive Guide for Parents of Premature Babies
Чему вы научились?
Understand the techniques to breastfeed, provide expressed milk or provide Kangaroo Care for a premature baby
Make informed diet decisions for lactating mothers to improve the quality of the breast milk premature babies receive
Understand alternative feeding options for babies that are unable to receive breast milk from their mother
Locate resources for additional support with breastfeeding, expressing breast milk, providing Kangaroo Care or identifying alternative feeding options for premature babies
О курсе

Do you have a premature baby less than six months old (adjusted age)? Do you want to learn how to provide the best nutrition for your preemie to help your baby thrive?

The Pebbles of Hope Thrive Guide for Parents of Premature Babies is an interactive course with expert information, parent testimonials, graphics and video to provide parents and other caregivers of premature infants with the information they need to provide their babies with the best care. This is the first module of the Thrive Guide, focusing on nutrition for the first six months (adjusted age), and covers topics such as breastfeeding, expressing breast milk and Kangaroo Care as a means to stimulate milk production.

Topics covered in this module include:

  • Challenges preemies face
  • Ways to feed your baby
  • Methods to provide breast milk for preemies, techniques to stimulate milk production and how to store milk
  • Guidance for successful breastfeeding and bottlefeeding
  • Nutrition tips for mothers providing breast milk
  • Techniques for performing Kangaroo Care

This module takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete, and additional materials, such as a lactation log, sample meal plans for lactating mothers, and a checklist for breast milk storage, are also made available for download throughout the course. Additional materials have also been provided by La Leche League USA. All content has been reviewed and approved by our expert advisory panel of neonatologists, perinatologists, neonatal nurses, pediatricians, pediatric nutritionists and occupational therapists prior to inclusion within the course.

Introduction to the Course
At the end of this section, you will know the topics to be covered in the course, learn about the organization offering the course, and understand the importance of parent education.
Welcome to the Course!
In this lecture, I’ll go over the broad topics we’ll cover in the course.I’ll also touch on how this course can help you provide the best care for your preemie and what you can expect to learn.
About Pebbles of Hope

Here I’ll give you information about the organization that is delivering this course to you.

Preemies Need Their Parents

In this lecture, you’ll learnthat even if your baby was born prematurely, there are many things you as aparent or caregiver can do to help.

Important Disclaimers

This lecture explains the important disclaimer that this course does not replace professional medical advice.

A Primer on Preemies
This section will provide an overview ofthe basic differences between preemies and full-term babies and how this affects their development of feeding skills.
Why Preemies Struggle
Here you’ll learn about the conditions that make premature babies unique and how underdevelopment may affect them.
Hear from the Expert: How Preemies are Different from Full-Term Babies
Neonatal nurse, Mary Bubbers, explains the ways in which preemies face unique challenges and how they are different from full-term babies.
Understanding the Premature Gut

This lecture covers the effect of an underdeveloped GI Tract on preemies.

Development of Feeding Skills

In this lecture, I’ll explain the skills babies need to develop in order to feed properly.

How Preemies Grow: Adjusted Age
Here you'll learn all about adjusted age and how this measure is used to monitor your preemie's growth and development.
  • No prior knowledge required
Pebbles of Hope Foundation
Pebbles of Hope Foundation
non-profit organization for preemie parent education
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