Theory of Change for Development

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Does monitoring and evaluation seem too technical? Are you grappling with logframes and indicators that don’t adequately tell the story of your program?

A Theory of Change (ToC) approach can help.

This course will provide you with a ToC toolkit to help assess any process of change that you may be developing. It is optimized for public and development managers, monitoring and evaluation practitioners, donor agencies, NGOs, academics, and other stakeholders.

A ToC approach helps you situate complex social and development interventions. ToC is both a process and a product for explaining the various contributors to change, and the multiple levels of outcomes that result from program implementation.

The course will introduce you to thetheory of change approaches and principles. It will give you the tools to both understand existing theories of change as well as develop your own. You will also be able to connect a theory of change to logframes and other organizational tools for further monitoring and evaluation.

Theory of Change for Development
Learn to use a Theory of Change approach to betterunderstand your development program's impact and improve your results.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Theory of Change approaches
  • Core Theory of Change principles
  • Tools to both understand existing theories of change and develop your own
  • Methods for connecting a Theory of Change to logframes and other organizational tools for M&E
Caitlin Blaser Mapitsa
Caitlin Blaser Mapitsa
Senior Lecturer Wits University

Caitlin Blaser Mapitsa is a senior lecturer in monitoring and evaluation at the Wits School of Governance. She has 15 years of experience as an evaluator, working to understand what drives change in complex socioecological systems, and how to measure these changes. Her current research interests are around transboundary resource management, and how evaluation can support changes in governance.

Takunda Chirau
Takunda Chirau
Technical Specialist Wits University
Takunda is a Technical Specialist in Monitoring and Evaluation at the Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results at Wits University with a mandate to strengthen national and sub-national evaluation systems. As an M&E practitioner, Takunda has conducted several evaluations. He is passionate and has experience in providing training in monitoring and evaluation, and results based management in South Africa and Zambia public sector. His research interests are understanding utilisation of evaluation evidence in the public sector, systems thinking in monitoring and evaluation, logic modelling and theory of change.
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