Online Course Creation From A Book You Have Already Written

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UNDERSTAND the concept of a Writer Teacher
REALISE the great potential in the online education sector
DISCOVER how to create courses from your fiction
CREATE an online course from scratch
LEARN how to create a narrated presentation
DISCOVER how to screencast narrated presentations and software demos
О курсе

The Online Course Creation From A Book You Have Already Written Masterclass (aka The Writer Teacher) shows self-published authors how it is possible to repurpose the content that you have already written and turn it into classes and courses to sell online on platforms like Udemy.

In doing so, authors who are currently struggling to sell enough books to pay the bills, may suddenly find that it is a whole lot easier to make money from their writing when it is repackaged in the form of online courses.

It is certainly true that the self-publishing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, while online education is still very much in its infancy. And while it sometimes feels like the world and his wife are publishing ebooks to the Kindle Store, due to the perceived barriers of entry, the online course marketplace is far less saturated.

So now is the time to throw away this mindset of being a Writer of Books and instead think of yourself as a Writer of Content.

- Increase Your Income From Writing Through Teaching Online Courses

The course begins by taking a look at the changing landscape of the self-publishing industry and highlights the importance of repurposing your content as well as the many different reasons why you should seriously consider becoming a Writer - Teacher. The important role your books will play in the selling of your online courses is also highlighted and three different strategies explained.

- How Authors of Fiction can Repurpose Their Research to Teach Online

The course then continues by showing how authors of fiction can also teach online and why you may want to consider a non-fiction angle and repurpose the research you have carried out when writing your books. The potential earnings from ebooks and online courses are also compared.

- How to Create a Script for Your Course from the Text of Your Book

The course then looks at how to go about creating a script for your online course through the rewriting of the text from your book. It also explains how you should format the text in your script so that it reads better and how to prepare your script for recording the audio.

- How To Record and Edit the Audio for Your Course

The next part of the course looks at how to choose the right type of microphone to record the audio for your course, as well as the right software for recording and editing your audio. I then give you an over-the-shoulder look at how I use Audacity to record and edit my audio.

- An Introduction to Screencasting the Lessons for Your Course

In the next section of the course, I look at why screencasts are my preferred format when creating lessons for Skillshare and Udemy and I explain the two main types of screencasts that I regularly use in my courses. I also discuss some of the different screencast software that is available.

- How to Create a Narrated Presentation to Screencast as a Lesson

The course then continues by looking at the different things to consider when creating a narrated presentation, as well as a choice of the different presentation software that you might want to use. I also give an over-the-shoulder look at how I personally create this type of narrated presentation within Keynote (but you could just as easily use PowerPoint).

- How to Screencast a Narrated Keynote Presentation

In Part Seven of the course, I explain my 6-step process for recording a narrated presentation. I then look at how to import an audio track into Camtasia, how to record a screencast of your presentation using Camtasia and finally how to edit the screencast and export it as an MP4 video.

- A Step-by-step Guide to Screencasting a Software Demo

The next part of the course looks at how to screencast a software demo and includes the different things you should consider when recording a software demonstration of this type. I also take you through my own 5-step process, which includes how to write a script for the demo, how to record the audio and finally how to synch the audio and video, before exporting as an MP4.

- How to Easily and Quickly Reduce the File Size of Your Videos

The actual software demo created in the previous section is then presented here - an over-the-shoulder look at how I use Handbrake to reduce the file size of the videos I create, whether they be video lessons, promo videos, vlogs or video sales letters.

So why not enroll in this course today and follow the strategy, which led me along the path from being a Part-time Writer to becoming a Full-time Writer Teacher.

  • A willingness to learn
  • A commitment to take action on the knowledge learned in this course
  • An open mind to the possibility of becoming an online teacher and creating courses
David James Ault
David James Ault
Author, Internet Marketer & Instructor
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