The Ultimate Juice & Smoothie Guide For Busy People

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Prepare your juices and smoothies in just a few minutes a day (including clean-up!)
Chose the best juicers, blenders and other equipment for busy people
Find the best organic juice bars closest to you - some of which deliver!
Order the healthiest drinks at national chains like Jamba Juice
Navigate the supermarket section of juices - some you shouldn't touch with a ten foot pole
Use green powders smartly - including the best brands to buy
Have 20 recipes with 5 ingredients or less - at your fingertips!
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It's About You Looking Fabulous and Feeling Great in minutes a day!

Is this your year to get healthier? Do you want to start juicing and blending, or have you started, but you aren't very consistent, because you just cannot seem to find the time? Well, juicing and blending is probably the single best habit that you can add to your life - It is one of the first steps to a healthier, happier, you.

But yes it does takes a time commitment to get our green juices in every day time which we sometimes don't have. I know first hand, being a busy Mom and Entrepreneur!

But what if I made it easy for you. What if I gave you some simple strategies that I have picked up over the last eight years, which would make juicing and blending fit right into your busy lifestyle which would allow you to rock out delicious juices and smoothies in just minutes a day? Then would you be ready?

  • Would you be ready for glowing skin, increased energy, laser focus, rock solid immune system AND a jumpstart to the weightloss that you want?
  • Would you be ready to ditch the toxins that have been building up in your body for years and the fatigue, weight gain, food cravings, headaches, mood swings that go along with it?
  • Would you be ready to take the first step - a simple habit that will get you on the path to HEALTHY, HAPPY & HOT!

If you said "YES", then this one hour video course with a handy resource guide is perfect for you!

Here is what you will learn:

- My best tips and tricks to save time in the kitchen

- The best way to prepare

- The best juicers and blenders - specifically for busy people

- The best juice bars for fresh, organic produce and how to find one near you, that also probably delivers!

- If you only have a Jamba Juice - which juices should you stay away from, and which should you order - so you are not just getting a sugar bomb

- Which brands are the best to buy at your local market and which should you avoid

- Green powders are all the rage - are they good or bad? When to use them, and which to buy?

- Over 20 recipes of delicious smoothies and juices with 5 ingredients or less

- And if you are just starting out don't worry - I go over the benefits of juicing and blending, the differences between the two, how to choose the right one for you and yes I reveal my favorite :-).

Juicing pros and newbies alike I'll help you to fit juicing and blending into your busy lifestyle.

So if you are "ready" then I've got your back!

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Welcome! Let's get started.
Here is your go-to resource - with tons of 5-ingredient or less juice and smoothie recipes, my top picks for equipment for busy people, how to find organic juice bars near you and much more!Be sure to keep it handy.
Juices and Smoothies 101
Learn what this amazing habit will do for your health.From glowing skin, increased energy, laser focus, rock solid immune system AND a jumpstart to the weightloss that you want!
The Amazing Benefits of Juices and Smoothies
Juicing and Blending is probably the single best habit that you can add to your life.It's the first step to healthy, happy and hot ... and we will outline all the wonderful benefits here.
To Juice or To Blend ... What to do ... What to do?
Juicing and blending are different.Which one you choose depends on different factors.Learn here the differences between juicing and blending - and figure how which one is right for you ... and which is my favorite!
A Basic Green Drink
You will learn the best equipment for busy people and the right way to make your juice or smoothie - plus mistakes to avoid!
Let's Make a Juice!
It's time to make a juice! Learn to make a basic juice.
Let's Make a Smoothie!
It's time to make a smoothie!Learn how to make a very simple smoothie.
A Few Extra Tips That Will Help You to Master Your Green Drink Game
Some tips of the trade for juicing and blending - answering common questions that will help you to get the most out of your green juice habit.
Let's Save Time in the Kitchen!
Let's get to the meat of the matter - the actions and decisions that will have your home made juice or smoothie in your hand in just minutes a day.
Choosing Your Juicer
There are tons of juicers on the market - some are easier and others are a bit of a nightmare for cleaning and assembling. But you are busy ... so don't waste time sifting through all the options.I will tell you right away which juicers are the ones which will save you time in the kitchen!
Choosing Your Blender
The Vitamix, the Ninja, the Waring ... which blender is right for busy people?You will learn the pros and cons of the different blenders out there - and figure out the right one for you.The result? You save money ... you save time and you get a blender that will give you the best bang for your buck.
  • If you can go into the supermarket and choose your fruits and veggies, then you are already way ahead of the game. The other stuff is pretty simple ... and I will show you everything you need to know.
Chantelle Streete
Chantelle Streete
Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
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