The Truth About Coconut Oil, Saturated Fat & Cholesterol

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To understand the misconceptioin about coconut oil, saturated fat & cholesterol
To learn the history leading to the downfall of coconut oil
To understand basic concepts such as fats and oils, saturated and unsaturated fats, cis and trans fats, and triglycerides
To learn the scientific evidence and historical accounts dispelling the fallacies against coconut oil & saturated fat
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"A course worth paying for. Loads of information about coconut oil. The beginning of the course are a little bit technical but it gets very interesting as you proceed. Section 4 of the course reveals a lot about coconut oil. I thought that coconut oil is bad for health and now I realised I was wrong. Great stuff." - Chan Lam Seng

This course is about dispelling the statements behind coconut oil, such as ‘Coconut oil is bad because its fats are saturated’, ‘Coconut oil is fattening’, and ‘Coconut oil blocks and clogs arteries.’ Many of these statements have become common beliefs almost universally. Though the whole thing started out in the United States back in the 1950s, its impact on the health of individuals and the economy of coconut oil producing nations are far and wide.

Scientists, health professionals and people passionate about coconut oil have been making commendable efforts over the decades to promote the healthful coconut oil while vindicating the historical false beliefs. This course consolidates the information in one single place, with the sole purpose of understanding the ‘Truth’ about coconut oil. This course allows the students to learn the reasons, facts and evidence dispelling many of the widespread, almost universal beliefs against coconut oil.

This course is aimed solely at helping students understand the many reasons, evidence and information speaking against the historical false statements. The course is not designed to teach the health benefits of coconut oil, which will be the content of another upcoming course in the pipeline. Before anyone can appreciate the healthful aspects of coconut oil, one must understand the truth behind this amazing substance given to us by nature.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Fats (Fats and oils, saturated and unsaturated fats, cis and trans fats, and triglycerides)
  • Learn About Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Dispelling False Statements Against Coconut Oil

The course begins by exploring the fundamental concepts of fats. We need to understand the various terminologies surrounding fats, including, fats and oils, saturated and unsaturated fats, cis and trans fats, and triglycerides. Then, we will learn about coconut oil and virgin coconut oil, and their composition. Understanding the composition of coconut oil allows us to explore the information, facts and science behind the accusations against coconut oil. The bulk of the course will focus on understanding why the statements or common beliefs demonizing coconut oil are not true and unfounded.

The course is designed for anyone who wish to learn about coconut oil. Some basic knowledge of chemistry and biology will help but not necessary.

This course uses a mixture of media for delivery, though many of the lectures are video-based.

Welcome & Introduction to the Course
This short video gives you an overview of the course. This is a quick take on what will be covered in the course.
This lecture gives an overview of the topics covered in Section 2 and explains the necessity of learning the basics of fats, oils, saturated and unsaturated fats, triglycerides, and cis and trans fats.
Fats & Oils
In this lecture we discuss some basic information on fats and oils and also the classification of fats.
Saturated & Unsaturated Fats
This is an important lecture providing a fundamental understanding of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Knowing the difference between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids will help understand why the statement 'Coconut oil is bad because tis fats are saturated' is wrong.
Quiz on Saturated & Unsaturated Fatty Acids
Test basic understanding of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
This lecture discusses the basics of triglycerides
Quiz on Triglycerides
Test how much you know about triglyceride.
This lecture discusses the basics of cholesterol as well as some of its importance to our body and health
Cis & Trans Fats
Cis and trans fats are two more types of unsaturated fats. This lecture discusses the two fats and their characteristics.
Quiz on cis and trans fats
Evaluate your understanding of cis and trans fats
  • A computer or mobile device with internet access
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Healthy Body Tips
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