Курс The Magic of the Blues Scale

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The Magic of the Blues Scale lies in how it works across all genres of Popular Music to make your playing sound GREAT!

The Blues Scale is unique. Different from other scales and modes, it has been used by popular musicians from Louis Armstrong to Elton John and beyond. The secret is that it is easy to learn, quick to master, and profoundly usable in almost all styles of music.

This course makes it simple. SEE the notes. Hear the demonstrations! Learn and practice, and you will be playing the Blues in very short order. THIS COURSE SHOWS YOU HOW TO MAKE YOUR IMPROVISATIONS NOT SUCK!

If you don't learn to improve your playing by learning the Blues Scale, YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK! No questions asked! 30 day guarantee!

Notes In The Blues Scale
Try your hand at remembering the notes of The Blues Scale.
Pentatonic Scale
A quick look at the Pantatonic Scale.
Nuts and Bolts
This is where we learn, study and practice the Blues Scale in every key.
Steps in the Blues Scale.
Identify some Blues Scale notes.
  • Student should have some familiarity with the Major & Minor scales. Reading the Treble Clef is helpful, but not required.
Что Вы изучите?
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to use the Blues Scale to improvise in any key, and gain a better understanding of Popular style playing.
Stan Prentice
Stan Prentice
Musician, Music Educator, and Documentary Videomaker

Stan has spent the majority of his life creating music. He began his piano study at age 5, and studied all forms of keyboard music over the years, both privately and in college. He began playing piano professionally at the age of 19, over 40 years ago. Through the years, he has appeared in countless lounges, night clubs, cabarets and showrooms all over the United States. He has recorded at studios in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles. Recently, he finished up an 8-year stint as a Piano Bar entertainer at the prestigious Eldorado Hotel in Reno, Nevada. A full time performer and published songwriter, Stan has vast experience in the music industry.

He also runs a Video Production Business, specializing in Family History Legacies and Personal Biographies.

Stan is experienced in the following areas:

- Night club, cabaret, lounge, and concert entertainer

- Recording artist

- Music Producer

- Music Teacher

- Video Production

- Genealogy

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