The Lead Guitar Handbook - Your Guide to Fun Lead Playing!

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Learn lead guitar + acquire lead guitar techniques and exercises that improve picking speed, playing accuracy, and tone.
Improve SPEED, ACCURACY, and WOW the crowd with the lead playing skills you learn in this course.
Progressive lead guitar format - works for all skill levels: learn from BEGINNER to EXPERT.
How to play lead guitar OUTSIDE OF THE BOX and unlock your "inner lead guitarist".
Deepen your understanding of the fretboard and also use a variety of techniques to enhance your improvising abilities.
Over 30 Lead Techniques and 15 Tabbed Exercises to keep you challenged and take your playing to the next level.
TAB Handbook (included) guides you through the guitar exercises and also includes other important notes about lead guitar.
О курсе

A FUN Lead Guitar Class that's LOADED with techniques, exercises, and tips.

If you answer YES to any of these questions, this course is your next fun guitar adventure:

  • Are you looking to get started playing lead guitar?
  • Are you an experienced lead guitarist who wants to improve their abilities faster?
  • Are you an advanced/elite guitarist who wants to be challenged and push your abilities to the limit?
  • Do you want faster picking speed, a richer guitar tone, and more variety when you play leads?
  • Are you stuck in a lead guitar playing rut and desperately need to get out of it?!

Hi, Tom Saguto here, your Udemy guitar instructor and founder of TomsRockinGuitar . I launched this class with the goal of helping other lead guitarists - from beginner to advanced playing levels - improve their lead playing abilities. This lead guitar class - or "handbook", as I have called it - will take your playing to new heights.

This class is "progressive" meaning that it is designed to improve you and take you to the next level - for example, a beginner player who masters the exercises in their class will be able to improve to the intermediate level and learn new challenges.

You can expect to learn the following (depending on your skill level):

BEGINNER-LEVEL GUITARISTS: Become a lead guitarist, learn lead guitar techniques that get you "out of the box" and have you playing awesome sounding leads in no time. Develop your ear for lead guitar and also practice exercises that will take you from being a beginner to playing faster, smoother, and cleaner.

INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL GUITARISTS: Learn the next-level set of techniques, as well as exercises, that can unlock more speed, precision, and inspire you to create new and exciting leads that you will now have the flexibility to create. With these new techniques, they will challenge you to become an advanced lead guitarist who has all of the tools to WOW a crowd and write epic guitar solos.

ADVANCED-LEVEL GUITARISTS: Looking for more lead guitar inspiration and new techniques? Looking to be challenged? Play along with difficult lead playing exercises and re-inspire your playing with high-energy rockin' techniques that elite guitarists use on a regular basis. Understand the fretboard in a new way and access newfound speed and clarity of tone.


TONS of things to sharpen your abilities:

  • 30+ Lead Guitar Techniques to inspire you to play amazing guitar solos.
  • 15 tabbed guitar exercises to train you to play faster, cleaner, and better than ever before.
  • Own the fretboard and play leads "outside of the box"!
  • For beginners - how to play lead guitar!
  • For experienced players - how to continue mastering your lead guitar!
  • What notes to bend - and notes to avoid when playing scales.
  • and MANY MORE benefits to enrolling in this course!
  • When you finish this course, my goal is for you to notice a dramatic improvement in your guitar playing ability. You are going to be faster, cleaner, and impress your friends as well as the audience. This is the lead guitar player's simple guide to improvement!

    I look forward to rockin' out with you in class!

    Tom Saguto

    Welcome to the Lead Guitar Handbook! I am Tom Saguto, your guitar instructor. I have been playing guitar for over 14 years and am excited to explore the world of lead guitar playing with you. You might be thinking right now, "How does this class work?"The answer is simple: First, select your difficulty level. I recommend for people new to lead guitar and playing leads for the first time that you select the BEGINNERdifficulty. This also includes guitarists with up to 2 years of playing experience. If you have been playing for 3 to 5 years and have been playing a couple of times per week in that time, I recommend that you choose the INTERMEDIATE difficulty - also, the exercises in the beginner section and the techniques from there are still very valuable to you! If you are a veteran lead guitarist with a ton of experience - usually 8+ years of dedicated playing, I recommend that you check out the ADVANCED difficulty. Remember, your experience varies depending on how much you have played. If you've played guitar 2 to 3 times per week in 8 years, I'd say that you're ready for the ADVANCEDlevel. Once again, feel free to check out all of the techniques and exercises from the other difficulty levels - you may find them fun and interesting! Once you've selected your starting point, begin learning the techniques from each of the sections. Try out some of the exercises as well, they are there to keep you challenged and constantly improving!
    The Lead Guitar Handbook
    Lead Guitar Handbook including exercises, runs, and more is attached here! Please download it for the best learning experience.
    Introduction to BEGINNER LEAD GUITAR
    The video explains all! Welcome to the beginning of you lead guitar playing career!
    Lead Guitar Technique #1 - Bend
    Bends - the first part to playing lead guitar. Exciting, isn't it?!With bends, you want to do two main things, especially if this is your first time:
    1. Bend to the appropriate pitch - bending to pitch means that your bends are in the proper key and that you have proper form.
    2. Build your finger strength - every time you bend, your fingers get stronger. Keep working them out and see your bending ability improve. Don't overdo it though. If your hands become sore or tired, stop playing and rest. Your fingers are muscles too!
    Lead Guitar Technique #2 - Pre-Bend (Ghost Bend)
    Ghost bends.....isn't that a scary story? Not quite, but the elusive ghost bend can be used to take the audience by surprise - hence the term "ghost". It is also described as a pre-bend since you begin picking with your fingers starting at the bend in the full position.These are fun bends and can be used to add suspense to your leads.
    Lead Technique #3 - Hammer-Ons
    Hammer-Ons are essential if you are going to play fast. They eliminate some of the work that the picking hand has to do. If you can eliminate work on the picking hand, you are going to have more energy and play efficiently. A hammer-on occurs where you pick a note once and then add another finger to another fret causing a second note to be played. For example, if I pick the open D string and then place my first finger on the 2nd fret - while the D string is still ringing - it will also play the 2nd fret note as well. You pick the open D, but also get two notes out of it!
    Lead Guitar Technique #4 - Pull-Offs
    Pull-Offs - the opposite of Hammer-Ons. These function as a way to make an extra note sound without picking. If you pick a note and then use your finger to "pull-off" the string, it causes another note to be played. For example, if I pick the 2nd fret D string and then "pull the note off" with my first finger, I am also going to play the Open D. The pull off acts as if I picked the open D note.
    Lead Guitar Technique #5 - Hammer-On and Pull-Off Combinations
    Hammer on and pull off combinations that you can use to spice up your lead playing. This is a great technique to use when you first begin improvising over backing tracks. It is also a technique you will use for the rest of your lead guitar playing career!
    Lead Guitar Technique #6 - Slides
    Slides are a fun and sneaky way to spice up your playing. They make ordinary notes sound cooler. It's like playing with a ton of style. When used effectively, sliding can make solos stand out with that "extra something".
    Lead Guitar Technique #7 - Doublestops
    You've heard these on every lead guitar solo played in history. It is a classic rock staple lead technique. Don't let that fool you though, they are tricky when doing them for the first time. Here's why:
    1. One finger is going to bend the string and another finger is going to stay still (not bending) on another string.
    2. Pick both strings while only bending the note with one finger.
    For example, in the video, the 3rd finger holds position on the 8th fret B string while the 2nd finger is bending the 7th fret G string. Both the G and B strings are picked.
    • Own a guitar
    • Must be able to play notes with some degree of smoothness and without too much difficulty transitioning between notes. Any guitarist can take this course - Recommended playing level - 6 months or higher.
    • Have a desire to learn lead guitar and improve your abilities!
    • Familiarity with Guitar TAB highly recommended but not necessary.
    Thomas Saguto
    Thomas Saguto
    PGA Golf Instructor and Professional Guitarist
    Курсы Udemy подойдут для профессионального развития. Платформа устроена таким образом, что эксперты сами запускают курсы. Все материалы передаются в пожизненный доступ. На этой платформе можно найти курс, без преувеличений, на любую тему – начиная от тьюториала по какой-то камере и заканчивая теоретическим курсом по управлению финансовыми рисками. Язык и формат обучения устанавливается преподавателем, поэтому стоит внимательно изучить информацию о курсе перед покупкой.
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