The History of Medieval Medicine Through Jewish Manuscripts

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This mini-course is a general introduction to both to medieval medicine and to the value of using manuscripts. Professor Y. Tzvi Langermann presents a case study that builds from a unique 15th-century volume in which three important medical manuscripts in Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic (Arabic in Hebrew characters) are sewn together. He will not only walk the student through the basics of medical knowledge training and practice in the Jewish Middle Ages and beyond, but he will also show how clues gleaned from the particular elements of a manuscript (such as marginal notes, mistakes, and handwriting) allow us to learn a great deal that we could not have gleaned from a pristine printed version. The course is made up of eight short video lectures (5-7 minutes each) that explore the fascinating highlights of an extraordinary manuscript.

While no previous knowledge is required, this course will be of most interest to advanced students of Jewish and medieval medicine studies in that it introduces a rare and fascinating medical text from the University of Pennsylvania’s manuscript collections.

The History of Medieval Medicine Through Jewish Manuscripts
Learn about medieval Jewish medical training and thought by exploring and interpreting medical manuscripts.
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  • What manuscripts can teach us that other printed works cannot
  • The basics of three important medical texts Sa’ īd b. Hibat Allāh, al-Mughnī fī Tadbīr al- Amrāḍ (All You Need to Manage Diseases)
  • Abū ‘Alī Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna), al-Adwiya al- Qalbiyya (On Cardiac Drugs)
  • Alī b. al-’Abbās al-Majūsī, al-Kāmil fī Ṣinā’at al- Ṭibb (The Complete Art of Medicine)
  • Some basic premise of medieval Jewish medical training and thought
  • What paratexts are and how to read them
  • Cues to lexicography and philology
Y. Tzvi Langermann
Y. Tzvi Langermann
Professor, Department of Arabic Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Born in Lowell, MA, Y. Tzvi Langermann earned his doctorate in history of science at Harvard. He currently teaches Qur’an and tafsir, Maimonides, sufism, and more in the Department of Arabic, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel. Among his most recent publications are two texts and studies, co-authored with Gerrit Bos: The Jawāmi' ("Alexandrian Summaries") of Galen's On Critical Days: Editions and Translations of the Two Extant Versions (Leiden: Brill, 2014); and Maimonides. On Rules Regarding the Practical Part of the Medical Art (Provo: Brigham Young University Press, 2014). Along with Robert Morrison, he is editing, Texts in Transit, a volume of cutting edge research on the movement of knowledge across the Mediterranean, to be published later in 2016 by Pennsylvania State University Press. Many of his publications, and some unpublished work as well, are posted on his page at
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The History of Medieval Medicine Through Jewish Manuscripts