The hidden Toxins in Human Daily Foods

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The hidden Toxins in Human Daily Foods
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The hidden Toxins in Human Daily Foods
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aware of the dangers of fungus toxicity in our daily food
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This course covers Facts and Issues concerning Mycotoxins In Food Products. It awares about the harmfulness that can be caused by fungus and most of us assume that if something is 'natural' it automatically means it’s safe. As recent studies proved that this assumption is completely wrong. Join  this course to know about these natural toxins and how to minimize its risk in your daily life.

The invisible threat
Aware about Toxicity of mycotoxins, historical background, uses, the most dangerous types.
Don't assume that if something is 'natural' it automatically means it's "SAFE". At the end of this course will be able to learn the invisible threat in our daily food.
Classification of Biotoxins
There are 6 type of bitotoxins, which are important for any student, practioner, researcher to know about.
Illnesses and Economic losses due to mycotoxins
Molds are usually visible, but oxins produced by mold's mycotoxins are invisible and can penetrate food and may cause : lung cancer, liver damage, skin rash etc...
Optimum conditions for mycotoxins production
Almost all climatic conditions of the world can support fungi growth. Know in this lecture the optimum conditions for mycotoxins production.
Toxicity of mycotoxins
Some mycotoxins are toxic to human, others to plant and animals. this part will demonstrate the severity of toxicity to each living body.
Effect of mycotoxins on food
Mycotoxins can enter the food chain directly or indirectly. Directly via plant products such ascoffee, spices, oil seeds while indirectly through animal diets such as meat, milk.
Historical Episode of human lethal intoxication
This lecture will clarify the historical episode of human intoxication starting from world war II.
The uses of mycotoxins as biological weapons
Many countries faced mycotoxication over time during warefare. Like Iraq, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan.
Type of mycotoxins
Aflatoxins are a type of mycotoxin produced by Aspergillus species of fungi, such as A. flavus and A. parasiticus. Ochratoxin is a mycotoxin that comes in three secondary metabolite forms, A, B, and C. All are produced by Penicillium and Aspergillus species.
The second most important mycotoxin
Ochratoxin-A(OTA) is the second most famous mycotoxins. Ochratoxin is a mycotoxin that comes in three secondary metabolite forms, A, B, and C. All are produced by Penicillium and Aspergillus species.
The third most famous mycotoxins is Fusariotoxins (Fusarium toxins) which is explained in this section.
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Prof. Dr.Yousif Al-Sewaidi
Prof. Dr.Yousif Al-Sewaidi
Microbilogist professor
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