The Green Smoothie Course - Beginner to Pro

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The Green Smoothie Course - Beginner to Pro
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The Green Smoothie Course - Beginner to Pro
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IMPROVE HEALTH, ENERGY AND FOCUS – Detox and cleanse your body bringing vitality, health and healing to your skin, complexion, digestion, bloating problems, hair & heart.
SIMPLY THE MOST DELICOUS GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPES YOU CAN FIND - Learn our tried and tested recipes – All delicious, vibrant, and plant based.
SHOPPING FOR INGREDIENTS WILL BE A BREEZE & WON’T BREAK THE BANK- With our easy shopping list & weekly recipe plan, we will take all the hard work out of smoothies!
LOSE WEIGHT QUICKLY AND EASILY – Get the smoothie tips and tricks you need to support you in your diet or weight loss goals.
BONUS MATERIAL GIVES YOU MORE THAN ANY OTHER COURSE – Our bonus shopping planner, recipe book, weekly planner & smoothie concept printout’s, will give you the tools you need.
BE EMPOWERED TO MAKE RIGHT FOOD CHOICES – Understand how food can affect your mood, with our good mood food guide.
SAVE THE TIME & THE STRESS OF CHOOSING A BLENDER – Our in depth guide to top blenders shows you the best blender for your individual needs and budget.
GAIN EXPERT KNOWLEDGE OF NUTRITIONAL INGREDIENTS – We teach you in depth the vitamins, minerals and health benefits of 5 Powerful Green Juice & Smoothie ingredients.
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Do you find that you never have time to look after your health?
Are you struggling with weight or diet related health problems?

Our complete green smoothie course is the answer you have been looking for!
With our course, you can learn to make a delicious healthy meal using fresh, nutrient dense ingredients, in 5 minutes or less. Not only will you feel good, you will look good too, thanks to the detoxifying effects of green smoothies, you will reap all of the benefits of eating natural, raw, plant based foods, in the most convenient, quick & easy way.

Green smoothies are packed with fruits, vegetables, seeds, and some of the best superfoods available, giving a powerful BOOST to your health…and the best part? Our smoothies are naturally low in calories so can support you in your diet or weight loss goals.

This course will give you a complete breakdown of everything you need to know to understand green smoothies, the nutritional benefits of the ingredients you will use, recipe walk-through's, a weekly shopping planner, meal plans, and more!

This course is perfect for you if you are interested in:

  • Improving your health & losing weight
  • Finding out ways to introduce more green and plant based foods into your diet
  • Learning about the health benefits of specific green smoothie ingredients
  • Healing your body
  • Learning how to make delicious green smoothies with our tried and tested recipe book
  • Discovering the best blender for your budget and individual needs
  • Expert tips and tricks

Discover what green smoothies can do for your physical, mental & emotional health & well being.

Chapter 1 - All you need to know to get started.
This chapter is packed full of valuable information on creating delicious, nutritious and health boosting Green smoothies. From nutrition to equipment this is the chapter to get you started.
Introduction - The Green Smoothie Course
Welcome to the Green Smoothie course. In this lesson we will start with a outline of all the course has to offer.Soget ready, get inspired and get going on this course!
Chapter 1 - Getting started
Getting started, is all about the tools you need to start you green smoothie journey. In this chapter we will cover:
  • The top9 reasons todrinking green smoothies.
  • Nutritional insights into amazing green smoothie ingredients.
  • 7 Top Tip to make your green smoothies even better.
  • The Blender lowdown - taking all the stress and confusion out of picking the right blender for you.

9 great reasons to drink Green Smoothies
Ever wondered why green smoothies were such a popular choice for people looking to get healthy. Well, wonder no more. This lesson gives you great reasons to drink green smoothies. The learning objectives in this classare:
  • To understand why green smoothies are good for your health.
  • Know the practical advantages of a breakfast that is high in nutritionand portable.
  • Have the assurance that you can make green smoothies.
Know your ingredients
This lesson outlines the learning objective of the next lesson.Describeswhat we will be learning and why it is important, so you are able to go into the next lesson with these keys in mind. This will helpyou guys get the most out of the next lesson, which is packed full of valuable knowledge. The ingredients we will be looking at in depth are:
  1. Broccoli
  2. Avocado
  3. Banana
  4. Celery
  5. Lemon
Know your ingredients - 5 ingredients and their superpowers!
We know greens are good for us but why?This lesson helps us really understand what 5 ingredients can do for our health, the vitamins and minerals they contain and their unique benefits.This is an in depth study of individual ingredients, which helps us choose what we will put in our green smoothies and the reasonswhy.
The ingredients we will be looking at in depth are:
  1. Broccoli
  2. Avocado
  3. Banana
  4. Celery
  5. Lemon

The learning objectives for this lesson are:
  1. To be aware of the tactical reasons to choose an ingredient (what the ingredient can do for your health).
  2. To know the health benefits of the 5 ingredients chosen.
  3. Know the power of natural ingredients.
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7 Top tips - Make your Green Smoothies even better!
We all know that there are tips and tricks in most skills, well I share with you my secret tips to making your green smoothies even better. The learning objectives forthis lesson include:
  1. Know how to troubleshoot problems that may arise.
  2. Get on top of flavor balancing.
  3. Be ahead of the game by planning ahead.
Blender Lowdown
The most important piece of equipment for a green smoothie master is .... The blender. Like most masters their equipment is vital. This lesson explainswhat we will be learning and why in the next lesson. Thisis important, so you are able to go into the next lesson with thekeys in mind. This will helpyou guys get the most out of the next lesson.
Blender Lowdown - Review of 5 leading blenders
Blenders, you may think that they are all the same. Well this lesson helps you to see that this could not be further from truth. We look at 5 leading blenders and break down the features, benefits andpro/cons. This will help you guys get the right Blender for you! The blenders we will be looking at are:
  • Vitamin 5200
  • Blentec designer series
  • Ninja professional blender
  • KitchenAid 5-speed diamond blender
  • Nutribullet 12 piece high-speed blender
The learning objectives for this lesson include:
  1. Knowing the key features of a blender for making Green Smoothies.
  2. Being well informed on a few of the blenders on the market.
  3. Understand what you want in a blender by knowing what is available.
Equipment - A quick list of items that you may need!
There may not be a long list of equipment for making Green Smoothies. However, it is helpful to know the equipment that may be useful.
In this lesson, I will helpyou guys with a few suggestions on equipment that will make making green smoothies even easier. Learning objectives:
  • Know the equipment we need and why.
  • Have few tips on equipment that might be useful
Test your knowledge
This Quiz is all about testing what you have just learnt. Have a little go and see what you get!
Chapter 2
In this chapter we will learn 3 awesome green smoothies recipes and the green smoothie concept. This will help us create our own green smoothie recipes and get us making Green Smoothies.
  • A blender (though, I do give great advice on what blender to purchase)
  • Fresh ingredients
  • An interest in Green Smoothies
Caroline Ellis
Caroline Ellis
Life coach, Entrepreneur & Professional Instructor
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