Курс The Definitive Guide To Mastering Music Improvisation

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The Definitive Guide To Mastering Music Improvisation is unique.

I tell you things in this course that nobody else is talking about, such as:

  • how to use improvisation to transform your emotions
  • how to instill comfort and confidence into your playing
  • how to identify your highest priority when creating music

Of course, you will also learn basics, like creating coherence in your improvisations and matching what you hear mentally to what you play on your instrument.

The Definitive Guide To Mastering Music Improvisation develops your abilities in a natural series of steps. First, you gain total understanding of the benefits of improvisation. Then you master the techniques of improvisation. Finally, you conquer the most common barriers that people come up against.

Improvisation is the quickest, most fundamental way to prove to yourself that you are musical. Yet it requires:

  • no reading
  • no memorizing
  • no practicing
  • no technical difficulties
  • no theoretical knowledge

And because you aren't playing from a printed page, there are

  • no mistakes

What could be better?

You are improvising right now. It's what you do most of the time. Maybe you're having a conversation, or making a sandwich, or driving a car. You don't know what will happen next. You don't have a script. Yet, all day long, you successfully respond to all kinds of situations.

How can you plug this everyday functioning into playing music? Since you already are an improviser, all you need is the right information. I can give that to you. The rest is easy. And fun.

You can start right now. Sign up for The Definitive Guide To Mastering Music Improvisation and open the door to knowing your magnificent musical self.

I look forward to working with you!

This course fills the gap that was created by our system of music education, which mostly ignores improvisation. It provides a complete picture of improvising music: the benefits, the techniques, and the solutions to the common barriers that most people encounter.
Making The Most Of This Course
The reason to take this course is to know what to do when you improvise music and to put that into action. The goal is to experience the freedom of being a total musician. You will make progress toward that goal by making a commitment to try out every exercise.
The Music Everybody Principles
Everybody has their own personal way of responding to music, which is called musicality.There are four pathways for putting musicality into action: improvising, composing, arranging, and interpreting.The purpose of music study is the development of human potential.
Getting Started
Each exercise in this course is engineered to work for any instrument and any level of ability.This is not a jazz course. It is about improvising in any style.However, the information it contains is extremely valuable for jazzimprovisers.Although it is structured in a natural sequence, it is not crucial tofollow this course in order from beginning to end. You may skip directlyto the parts that draw your interest.
No Mistakes, No Practicing
When you improvise music, there is no reading, no memorizing, no practicing, no mistakes, and no technical difficulty.This video ends with an improvisation demonstration.
Freedom From Standards And Restrictions
Improvising music brings you freedom from having other people's standards and restrictions being imposed upon you.This video ends with an improvisation demonstration.
Confidence And Resourcefulness
Improvising music increases your confidence and resourcefulness in other areas of your life. It also stimulates your imagination, sharpens problem-solving skills, and promotes creativity.This video ends with an improvisation demonstration.
Find Ideas For Your Compositions
Whether you are already composing or just beginning to try it out, improvising music is a great source of ideas for your compositions.This video ends with a demonstration of how an improvised idea can turn into a composition.
Unlimited Self-Expression
Here are the reasons why improvising music gives you access to unlimited self-expression and an instant connection to your personal musicality.This video ends with an improvisation demonstration.
Emotional Transformation
When you improvise music, it can transform and clarify the state of your emotions as you play.This video ends with an improvisation demonstration.
  • All you need to take this course is a musical instrument, including voice or percussion.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Demonstrate facility in over 60 improvisation techniques
  • Improvise music easily
  • Express yourself without limits
  • Create improvisations that sound good to you
  • Instill feeling, authority, and confidence into your music
  • Generate shape and coherence in your improvisations
  • Produce diverse musical ideas
  • Play improvisations in any style
  • Be original and establish your very own style
  • Devise improvisations without using music theory
  • Accelerate the growth of your playing level
  • Enjoy making music even when your time is limited
  • Become more of a total musician
Jeffrey Chappell
Jeffrey Chappell
Professor of Music

JEFFREY CHAPPELL is a gifted, innovative teacher who is renowned for his ability to connect with music students of every age, instrument, and level of ability. He teaches improvisation as the Director of Jazz Studies at Goucher College in Baltimore, as a faculty member of the Levine School of Music in Washington, D.C., and in master classes and private lessons. He also teaches improvisation to music teachers as a popular lecturer at schools, universities, and music teacher association meetings. He has frequently improvised for silent films at the National Gallery of Art and was a member of The Lenox Ensemble, an improvisation group of classical musicians. He brings an amazing diversity of experience to his teaching: he has performed throughout the world as a classical concert pianist, and he is also a jazz musician, a recording artist, a prizewinning composer, and the author of articles for music magazines as well as “Answers From Silence”, an internationally bestselling book about spirituality. He was a scholarship student at the Curtis Institute, the Peabody Conservatory, and the BMI Musical Theater Workshop.

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