The Constipation Cure: Detoxifying Abdominal Massage

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The Constipation Cure:  Detoxifying Abdominal Massage
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The Constipation Cure:  Detoxifying Abdominal Massage
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Trim your waistline and improve digestion with abdominal massage and breath.
These techniques are appropriate for massage therapists, individuals and families.
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Learn three abdominal massage techniques that aid digestion, move stuck food and reduce or prevent constipation. A total of one hour, these video lessons follow internationally renown Medical Chi Kung (QiGong) instructor, Sarina Stone, as she explains and demonstrates self-care for the large and small intestines.

Perfect for professional massage therapists, parents or self aware individuals, these techniques are life changing for anyone who suffers from slow digestion, unwanted belly fat or painful bloating after eating. Be sure to share the segment for children with your friends and family!

Introduction to The Constipation Cure with Abdominal Message
A few new students talk about their experience after learning Chi Nei Tsang detoxifying abdominal massage.
Could constipation kill you?
"If you eat three times a day, you should eliminate solid waste three times a day."
Once nutrients are removed from food, the waste needs to be removed right away.The longer it stays in the system, the more poison it produces.
How do your intestines affect your muscles, tendons and ligaments?
Sarina explains why blood flow through your muscles needs to be poison-free or your tissues will become toxic.We feel this toxicity as tight, unresponsive, painful muscles.
Clean intestines help keep a muscular, radiant body.
You body has two brains
Learn how your digestive system has some of the same elements as your brain!
Should excessive gas be an everyday occurrence?
Flatulence, or gas, are the result of an unfriendly reaction to something in your digestive system. Clean and repair the intestines and see what a difference this makes!
How many times a day should you poop?
Again, if you eat three times a day, you should eliminate solid waste three times a day as well.Some people can not believe this, but the truth is the longer waste sits in your belly, the more toxic you become.
One man’s tale
Sarina tells the story of how Jose told the world how many times a day he poops after receiving abdominal massage and eating clean food.
Last thoughts about the importance of healthy food and one’s individual needs
We become what we eat.What we eat becomes a part of us.Just think about it.
Preparing the Digestive System for abdominal massage techniques
There are two important things to remember before working on yourself or someone else.Watch here to find out what they are.
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Sarina Stone
Sarina Stone
Medical Chi Kung (Qigong) Instructor
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