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The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD is a 92 hours industrial art training course spanning 243 lessons, designed to teach industrial art students on how to draw the human figure from the mind. Traditional artists can also gain from this course as the course uses simple drawing methods to teach. Traditional artists can use their own style of drawing to follow along. The course was created by Riven Phoenix a professional artist and teacher who made the course to allow virtually every industrial art student to succeed on how to draw and understand the human figure rapidly. This drawing course is used in over 70 countries, in colleges and leading entertainment studios world over like Disney and Lucas films. Riven's job in this figure drawing course is to teach you how to unlock the mysteries of the human figure inside your mind so you can draw it with bliss for industrial art. You will go through 225 video lessons spanning 77 hours. He will guide you through a step-by-step drawing process to construct the structure of the human form in your mind the easy way. All you need is a pencil and a sketchbook and a passion to draw. You can try the first 19 lessons for free and see for yourself why virtually every art student succeeds with his course. You will be able to take this drawing knowledge and apply it to any artistic field from illustrations to comic books to story-boarding. You are going to cover an incredible amount of detail in this course using the power of artistic thinking which will allow you to rapidly conquer the ability to how to draw people with bliss. You will be doing over 200 illustrations in this course so for sure your drawing ability will improve rapidly.  It took riven 10 years to put together this course for industrial artists which includes 30 years of his figure drawing knowledge into one package for artists to enjoy. You can also read student testimonials on the company site and see for yourself how this course really does work for all artists.

Here are a few Testimonials from our site:
"When it comes to the human body this is perhaps the greatest video instructional series that I have ever seen." - BlenderNation

“This course is an excellent hands-on detailed walk through the process of drawing the human figure based on a systematic structure of anatomical study, and a solid foundation for serious figure drawing” - Gerrit Verstraete, founder, Drawing Society of Canada.
" I am in awe of how well the Lessons taught me the invention of the figure, and how deeply seated that information now is in my mind." - Diane Kraus (Illustrator)
"The training included on 'The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD' is nothing short of remarkable. I am not even halfway through this (stunningly) comprehensive series of anatomy drawing videos, and I would urge anyone with the slightest interest in fine art to invest in this training without hesitation" - Jimmy S. (Multimedia Producer/Visual Effects Artist)
"I learned more usable knowledge in the first 7 Lessons than all the other books combined." - -Bryan Bray (Management is my day job. Web Design and Graphic Design is my love.)

Proportions and Human Skull
001 - Introduction Video to the concept of Invention
002 - Core Structure of the Human Figure
003 - Back view of your invention
004 - Side view of your invention
005 - Your First Milestone
006 - The birth of discovery
007 - The Secrets of the Masters
008 - Discovering The Invention Of The Human Head
009 - The Formulas for the Side View of the Human Head - Phase 1
010 - The Formulas for the Side View of the Human Head - Phase 2
011 - The Formulas for the Side View of the Human Head - Phase 3
  • You will need an HB pencil of your choice and a sketchbook to keep all drawings in one place
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  • At the end of this course you will be able to draw human figures for all types of artwork
  • You will know all the bones and muscles of the human figure
Riven Phoenix
Riven Phoenix

Art Instructor Riven Phoenix is best known for The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD and The Blender Modeling & Rigging courses where virtually every art student succeeds with his style of teaching. Riven Phoenix's goal in life is to give underprivileged students access to industrial art knowledge. Riven grew up in Stamford, CT where he attended the Rippowam High School. After graduation he attended several art schools including the School of Visual Arts in New York City and the Connecticut Institute of Art. Riven grew up reading comic books where his passion for figure drawing developed. He dedicated his life to coming up with an easy to follow system which would allow any young artist to rapidly develop the ability to draw human figures and model them in 3D from the mind without using any reference. Riven's dream was to put all his knowledge in a set of courses for young serious artists who shared the same passion for learning anatomy. It took Riven Phoenix 10 years to put together his figure drawing course and another 2 years of filming to create The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD. His efforts paid off as his course took the art world by storm with students from over 172 countries took his course with great success. With now over tens of thousands of students worldwide Riven Phoenix videos courses are used by leading entertainment studios world over. Riven also created the breakthrough Pose Tool 3D app which allowed artists to pose human figures on a mobile device to use as a reference for creating works of art. Riven spent another two years developing his Blender Modeling & Rigging courses. Both his blender courses became great successes. Today Riven still teaches and works on creating industrial art courses. You can help support Riven Phoenix's works by buying his courses.

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The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD
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