Курс The Busy Mom's Complete Guide to Healthy Breakfast

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Motherhood comes with it's fair share of challenges, and hectic mornings are one of them. While fueling your body in the morning is critical to get through your busy day, it's easier said than done! This course aims to help you overcome the morning challenges us mothers face, by providing you with the skills to plan and prepare quick breakfast meals that are healthy, balanced, and can work for the whole family.  

Master the Art of Healthy Breakfast in this Hands On Course 

  • Identify the nutritional components (and food sources) of a balanced meal
  • Gain the skills to prepare quick breakfast meals 
  • Learn how to modify recipes to meet you and your family's specific needs
  • Establish a morning routine and make it a habit 
  • Create a meal and prep plan

In this course, you will prepare 5 breakfast meals through hands-on cooking demos, and you will be able to modify the recipes to meet your specific needs. You will receive downloadable worksheets and recipes, as well as BONUS meal prep and planning worksheets. By the end of the course, you will be able to implement a stress-free morning routine, and a healthy breakfast plan that works for you and the entire famiy!

Instructor intro and brief introduction to the course objectives
What to Expect from this Course
What you can expect from completing this course. 
Meet the Instructor
Learn more about the instructor and the instructor's credentials.
Morning Challenges and Common Mistakes
Know the common food-related mistakes made in the morning and their effects on thebody
Morning Challenges and Common Mistakes
Identify morning challenges us moms face, and the effects of the 3 most common morning/breakfast mistakes. 
Mistakes to Avoid
Identify Challenges and Common Mistakes 
Fuel Your Body
Identify the components of a balanced breakfast and their benefits
"Break the Fast"- Components of a Balanced Breakfast
Learn the importance of "breaking the fast" and the 3 nutritional components of a balanced meal.
Carbohydrates and Fiber
Examples of fiber-rich carbohydrates 
Examples of lean and healthy protein sources.
Healthy Fats
Identify the different types and sources of fats.
Fueling your body
Breakfast benefits and foods that fuel 
  • A readiness to learn and make lifestyle changes
  • Prior to each demo, you will want to download the recipe, and have ingredients ready (if you wish to prepare the recipe in conjunction with the demo).
  • Some of the lectures include downloadable worksheets. To get the most out of the course, I highly encourage you complete all of the worksheets.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Identify the nutritional components of a balanced breakfast
  • Prepare 5 different breakfast meals for yourself (and the entire family)
  • Modify the meals as needed to meet your (or your family's) needs/preferences
  • Establish a morning routine that works for you
  • Create and implement a meal and prep plan
Jenna Brannock
Jenna Brannock
Registered Dietitian, and busy mom!

Jenna is a Registered Dietitian with over 10 years of clinical and health coaching experience. She is also a busy mom who understands the challenges every mom faces. Jenna believes in a "non-diet" approach to health, and is passionate about helping others make lifestyle changes that lead to long-term success! 

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