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In this course I will explain the path and the various types of audio signal. Thanks to these simple lessons you will have a technical and theoretical background to deal with any type of audio production. This second part is dedicated to the audio signal. Discover the other lessons to complete your course of study and start working in the field of professional audio!

  • It is recommended to study my course "SOUND THEORY" first
Что Вы изучите?
  • Meaning of "analog"
  • Meaning of "digital"
  • binary code
  • Cables and connectors
  • Differences between DC and AC
  • Types of mixers
  • The path of the audio signal in the mixer
  • How to connect mixer and computer
Maurizio Albanese
Maurizio Albanese

I was born on March 1984 in Reggio Calabria, a beautiful city in the South of Italy and in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Since I was a teenager, my beloved grandmother let me love music and I spent hours listening her playing piano. That's why I'm passionate about music from a very young age. I still remember my first performance as DJ: I was just thirteen! I started my career very young and this allowed me to experience my passions and to transform them into my work. Over the years I studied photography, graphic and web design, programming, music technology and film making. In 2010 I founded my first company, the "Real Fat Studio", and only a few years later in cooperation with other companies I founded the collective "Tanto di Cappello Production" that operated in the world of audio, video, graphics, architecture, structural and interior design, web and smartphone app architecture. I currently live between Italy and Lithuania where I started "Bonsai Records", a company specializing in audio, video and media contents and working with many companies around the world, some of which chose me me as their ambassador. 

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