The Art of Lockpicking: A Complete Guide

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Do you want to learn how to pick locks? If you've seen someone pick a lock before, it almost seems like magic. Our promise to you is that at the end of this course you will be able to replicate this "magic", and have the people around you astonished by your skills.

Pick Almost Any Lock in Minutes

The course concentrates on the most common type of locks that you encounter on a daily basis. The locks on your apartment or house, master keys, mailboxes etc. The principles and methods you learn in the course allow you pick all of these locks in a matter of minutes, and even seconds after you become a more seasoned lockpicker.

Powerful Skill At Your Hands

Lock picking is a handy skill at the end of the day. In addition to helping your friends and neighbors when they get locked out, and lock picking for fun, you'l have a much better understanding at how locks work, and be able to make sure your home will be more secure. By trying out your newly acquired skills on your own property, you'l be able to determine how secure your lock is, and consider changing it if you find it very easy to pick.

What You Will Learn

The Ultimate Guide To Lockpicking is the most comprehensive lock picking course on the market, showing the art of lock picking in an easy to learn step by step system.

The course covers the theory of how locks work, and then shows you a few different methods of lock picking:

  • Using standard pick tools (the ones you see in the movies)
  • Using a pick-gun
  • Using a bump key - a type of master key (and also how to create one from scratch)

Who This Course is For

Literally anyone who is interested to learn how to pick locks. The course requires zero prior knowledge about locks and lock picking, and it is our guarantee to you that you'll be successful at lock picking, or you get your money back.

Course Overview
Introduction to "The Art of Lock picking"
Lock Picking Ethics
Lockpicking is a powerful skill. Before you start learning how to become a master lockpicker, it's important to stress some of the do's and don'ts with your new skill. This lecture goes over the things your allowed to do and the things you should never do, as a lockpicker.
Lock Picking Ethics
Introduction to Lock Picking
Theory Behind Lock Picking
How Pin-Tumbler Locks work
Pin-tumbler locks are the most commonly used locks in the world. This lecture goes over the different parts of a pin-tumbler cylinder and explains how they interact with each other to create the security feature of the lock. You will also see what happens inside the lock when you insert the right key and when you insert the wrong key.
Pin-Tumbler Locks
Lock Picking Concepts
This lecture explains the vulnerabilities in pin-tumbler locks as well as the basic principles we use to exploit them. Using the basic lockpicking tools - the pick and the tension wrench, we demonstrate what it means to set a pin, unset a pin and overset a pin, which are basic terms in lockpicking.
Lock Picking Concepts
Practical Lock Picking
Lock Picking Tools
This lecture is an introduction to the tool of the trade:
  • Tension wrench
  • Pick tool
  • Rake tool
  • Pick gun
  • Bump key
Throughout the course you will be learning how to use them to open any standard lock.
  • No prior knowledge requierd.
  • To be able to practice the skills taught in the course you will need some simple lock picking tools that cost about $10.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Understand how pin-tumbler locks work
  • Pick almost any lock in seconds
  • Create your own set of bump keys
  • Unlock just about any car in minutes
David La
David La
Professional Locksmith, Locksmith Trainer at The Locksmith Academy.

Hi! I'm David. I am a professional locksmith and run a locksmith company in Denver, CO.

I'm also a co-founder and instructor at The Locksmith Academy, an online locksmith certification. Throughout the years, I've got to use my skills on a daily basis to help other people gain entry to their houses, business, cars and safes. I've also trained many lock pickers and locksmiths who are now using those skills to support themselves and their families. Together with my locksmithing partner Itay, we bring 10+ years of experience in lock picking to this course

I still remember how amazed I was when I first learned how to pick locks many years ago - It feels almost like magic to the bystanders, but the reality is that there is an exact science behind how it works. I'm passionate about helping people learn about lock picking, and taking the knowledge to the next level via video and the internet. We teach the methods in an easy to follow step by step formula that guarantees your success.

Lock picking is a skill anyone can learn.

You too will be amazed at how simple lock picking is once you are exposed to the step by step method waiting inside. I genuinely believe this is the best lock picking course on the market, and if you disagree I will happily refund your money.

Sign up to The Complete Guide to Lock Picking and join me for the amazing journey waiting inside.

Itay Cas
Itay Cas
Professional Locksmith

Hi, My name is Itay, I'm a professional locksmith for over 8 years and the owner of Front Range Locksmith, a local locksmith company in Denver, Colorado. Ever since I remember, I was excited about locks and lock picking. I'm excited to share the knowledge I acquired over the years in our course "The Art of Lockpicking".

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