The Art of Fermentation: Strategies & Best Practices

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Incorporate fermented foods into a daily routine
Totally restructure the gut micro biome
Obtain optimal health, weight, and overall happiness
How to prepare lacto-fermented foods, proper sanitation techniques, and pairing these foods with meals
How to create amazing condiments with lacto-fermentation
Develop intuition & creativity and let go of the fear of the unknown surrounding the fermentation experience
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Learning how to consume pure foods that are rich in probiotics and live enzymes, dense nutrients, etc, will bring the potential for totally restructuring our gut microbiome, where 80% of our immune system resides! Many people who embrace regular consumption of fermented and nutritionally dense foods and beverages achieve optimal health, optimal weight, and overall happiness. Its because cooks who make these become deeply nourished by the vital nutrients made available through fermentation.

Students will end the course with a wealth of information that will allow them to feel comfortable, confident, and excited to make their own fermented products at home, which will allow them to save money while increasing the health of their families!

The ideal student has a vested interest in improving their health and well being, and enjoys learning new skills that they can share with others. They have been thinking for a while, that they want to make a positive, lasting change in their lives, that aligns with their values of how they want to treat their bodies and the planetor maybe they just happen to love kraut and want to know how to make it:) Perhaps they are in a great deal of suffering and they are looking for a new path to wellbeing.

These courses will offer something for all levels, whether you are beginning fermentor or advanced, students will learn about the value of traditional lacto-fermented foods, how to prepare these foods, how to have fun and get creative with fermentation, proper sanitation techniques, how to pair these foods with meals, how to create amazing condiments with lacto-fermentation, as well as how to assess the proper mixing and length stored. Students will learn how to use their intuition and creativity and let go of their fear of the unknown surrounding the fermentation experience.

Introduction to Part 1: Beet Kvass, Kefir & Probiotic Sodas
Beet Kvass and kefir are probiotic drinks that have both been used for centuries to keep people healthy and strong.Beet Kvass is known in slavic nations as a “cure all.”It is a nutritional powerhouse that cleanses the liver, builds blood, reduces hypertension, aids digestion, and much more.Kefir can improve digestive health and provide an excellent, bio-available source of protein and calcium. Homemade Kefir is one of the most powerful remedies for crowding out bad gut microbes like candida.Use homemade kefir whey to make probiotic sodas that are alive and refreshing with awesome benefits, like Root Beer and Ginger Beer!
How to make kefir, materials to buy, and best practices.
Kefir Recipe
Kelly shows how to make kefir and says all the good benefits of it. Includes what materials to buy and how to prepare your kitchen. Also, lessons on Raw milk vs Pasteurized.
Kefir Whey Recipe
How to extract whey from kefir, the most important ingredient for your lacto-fermented foods.
Kefir Cheese and Caesar Dressing Recipes
Recipes and Additional Kefir Techniques. See Resources for the Recipe!
Medicinal Root Beer
Medicinal Root Beer Recipe
How to gather ingredients, create a ginger bug, mix, and store. See Resources for the Recipe!
Probiotic Sodas & Root Reer Additional Tips
Smart sodas with whey, fast fermenting tips, and more.
The Power of Ginger & Ginger Bug Best Practices
All about ginger! Benefits of ginger. Tips on how to grate ginger easily. Create a ginger bug. Using a space heater to speed up your ferments. Why you should have high sugar standards.
Beet Kvass Recipe
Kelly's #1 product for Creative Cultures drinks. Here's her secret recipe! How to gather ingredients, chop, and store. See Resources for the Recipe!
  • You do not need to be familiar with fermentation in order to take this course.
Kelly Dearie
Kelly Dearie
Probiotics Instructor
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