TESOL Teacher Training: Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

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This course will expose you to prominent learning theories in the field of education today. Since there is no one "correct" learning theory, you will learn the basics of what these theories say, where problems lie in application, and how to use them in your classroom management, lesson planning, and lesson delivery.

This course has been carefully crafted so that participants with no formal education background can easily partake in the course. Likewise, the course has been designed for new educators with no experience, educators with years of experience, and everyone in between. Anyone can take this course!

The dreaded theory course has been made fun and useful for all participants. With the use of engaging whiteboard videos, useful worksheets, and presentation videos, the course is designed to challenge your mind while being captivating at the same time. The course is guided by an instructional design framework created by the author, which is based off several prominent learning theories. So this course is just not a mishmash of activities to fill time, but a carefully sculpted program to guide the participant through a learning experience.

Most educators learn how to teach by methodologies, but now, I am here to show you how to start teaching by learning theory to truly see results in your classroom.

An introduction to the layout and key information about the course
Supplemental Materials
Some of the videos have supplemental files available for download. It is mostly the Pre-Activity and Think About It Questions videos. You can check for supplemental materials under the download icon on the right side of the video.
2.1 Pre-Activity
The pre-activity is designed to provide an experience that mirrors an aspect or what the theory is about.
2.2Pre-Activity Answers
The pre-activity answers section goes over the answers to the pre-activity, and also discusses how the activity relates to the theory.
2.3 Behaviorism Theory
The whiteboard animation videos discuss the key details of what the theory says. Since the theories are extremely deep, only the key aspects that relate to teaching are discussed.
2.3.1 Audio Lingual Method (ALM) Teaching Method
The whiteboard animation videos discuss the key details of what the theory says. Since the theories are extremely deep, only the key aspects that relate to teaching are discussed.
2.4 Think About It Questions
The Think About It Questions section is designed to think about situations or beliefs that are connected with the theory being discussed.
2.5 Problems & How to Use
The Problems & How to Use section covers the key points of the theory discussed in the whiteboard videos. This presentation points out the problems with actual application of certain components, but also talk about the elements that can be used and how to use them.
2.6 Think About It Answers
The Think About It Answers video discusses the answers from the Think About It Questions section. This section is connected with the Problems & How to Use section.
2.7 Reflective Practice
Reflective Practice is designed for you to think about your beliefs on teaching.
  • Eagerness to reflect upon your teaching.
  • Not a requirement, but a printer will be helpful to print out worksheets.
Что Вы изучите?
  • By the end of the course, you will undestand the key points of the major learning theories in second language acquisition.
  • By the end of each unit, you will be able to devise strategies for your classroom using the learning theory you just learned.
  • During each unit, you will work through scenarios to assist in visualizing how the theory can play a role in your classroom.
  • At the beginning of each unit, you will perform a "real world" activity which will help you grasp the underlying principles of each theory..
Tesol Class
Tesol Class
Foreign Language Education Specialists

TesolClass is a website dedicated to ESL/EFL teacher training. We examine different subjects such as learning theory, lesson planning, classroom management, and others areas of English instruction. We also create online English courses for students learning English. 

The owner and administrator of TesolClass is Robert Davis. He received his PhD from the University of Florida in Educational Technology. His research interests involve using technology in foreign language learning environments, and has spent over a decade teaching English overseas in various programs. Some of his experiences in foreign English programs as been, teaching general English conversation, instructing pre-service educators in TESOL, training in-service educators in SLA, consulting schools, building courses, writing learning materials, and working with city governments.

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