TEFL Essentials: Grammar for English Language Teachers

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Take the mystery out of English grammar!

  • Understand grammatical terms like nouns, verbs, and adjectives
  • Know the English tenses and how they are used
  • Stop wasting time trying to understand grammar from books
  • Feel confident answering grammatical questions

In short, easy-to-follow video lectures, TEFL Essentials: English Grammar for English Language Teachers teaches you the grammar you need to successfully teach the English language. In addition you will gain a well-rounded understanding of where English came from and how it is used in the world today.

This course is for CELTA/TEFL trainees as well as those who are already teaching but are in need of a grammar refresher. This course isn’t specifically for language learners but it may be useful to higher-level speakers of English.

If you want to leave your grammatical worries behind this is the course for you!

Welcome to the course!
What is English anyway?
What Is Language?
An introduction to what language is and isn't.
Where Did English Come From?
A brief history of the English language.
English In The World Today
How and where English is used in the world today.
Get to Grips with Grammar
Wonderful Words
An introduction to English word classes.
An Introduction To English Tenses
An introduction to English tenses.
English Present Tenses
An introduction to English present tenses.
English Past Tenses
An introduction to English past tenses.
Talking About The Future
How we talk about the future in English.
  • No materials are needed however you must be proficient in English.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Understand the grammatical concepts needed to teach English.
  • Feel confident about teaching grammar to English learners.
  • Understand the uses of English tenses.
  • Understand English word classes.
  • Understand and know how to use English conditionals.
  • Understand the phonemic chart for teaching pronunciation.
  • Understand English word and sentence stress.
  • Know what language is and isn't.
  • Know how the English language developed.
  • Understand how and where English is used today.
Fiona Loves English
Fiona Loves English
Learn How to Use and Teach the English Language

Fiona Sloane is a professional English language teacher. 

Since starting her English teaching career in 2008, Fiona has lived and taught English in Europe, Central America, and Asia. She has been involved in teacher training since 2011, and has been teaching online since 2012.

Before becoming an English teacher, Fiona trained in graphic design. She started creating online courses in 2015 and enjoys being able to combine her design and teaching skills in the video-based courses she makes.

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