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Start teaching English online and earn a lucrative source of income as a freelance teacher!    

Do you want to teach English online, but don’t know how to start? 

Do you want to know how to find students and what to teach them? 

This complete course is the best way to find out and start teaching online straight away.

By the end of this course you will have the knowledge and confidence to go out and find highly motivated, high-paying students who want to improve their English language skills. You will also know how to create great lessons that help students learn and make them want to come back for more.

What do students say?

"This is really high value content  you basically learn everything you need to set up and start your online career. The production values are great too; good sound and nice visuals." Dr David Murphy

"Course contained what I needed to know. Lots of good tips and the important basics of being an online English teacher." Simon Zammit

"I am an ESL teacher with a MA in TESOL . this was a useful course in helping me to think about making the transition to online teaching, how to identify my own niche, and develop my own courses for students. Great course!" Suzanne Davis

"The course is full of great practical tips on how to get set up, how to get students and what to teach them  Overall, I fully recommend this fantastic course. It is essential for anyone who really wants to get ahead with teaching English online." Stephen Howard

"I highly recommend this course. Thank you so much for your effort to share your experience and knowledge about online teaching. Now, I can start to help my students even more." Catherine Voacolo

Who's it for?

The course is suitable for both experienced teachers and for people who have never taught before. This course includes hours of video presentations and screencasts as well as downloadable cheat sheets and worksheets to use with your students. It also includes a showcase of the best websites and online materials for use in your lessons.

What makes me qualified to teach you?   

I've been teaching for 20 years and have taught English online since 2008. I've also taught English at the British Council. I am a fully qualified teacher with a CELTA (Pass A) and a Masters degree in education. I teach students from all over the world and I currently specialise in helping students prepare for the IELTS test.

My Promise to You   

I'm a full-time online English teacher. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. 

This course will cover everything you need to know to start teaching English online, including:

  • How to find students using social media, online marketplaces and more
  • How to decide what to teach
  • How to find out what your students really need and want
  • How to carve out a premium rate niche English course that will attract high rates of pay
  • What rates to charge and how to get paid
  • The essential tools you'll need to teach online
  • Links to high quality materials and resources online
  • How to do offer courses in exam preparation, such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC
  • How to teach the core language skills of writing, speaking, listening and reading
  • and much more!

Free eBook. As a bonus, you'll be able to download a companion eBook, The Online English Teacher.

This course - the result of years of personal experience teaching English, both online and as a teacher at the British Council, together with the latest research into English language learning - will give you all of the skills, knowledge and confidence you need as an online English teacher.

So go ahead and click on the enrol button. You'll soon be teaching English online and working as your own boss. I'll see you in Lesson 1!

Best Wishes! 


Welcome to the course!
Welcome to your new course, How To Teach English Online. In this short introduction I'll introduce myself and I'll explain how youcan join in the online revolution in English teaching.
BONUS eBook: download here
The Essential Toolkit
The essentials
You will learn about the toolkit that is essential to teaching English online successfully, including the hardware and software, and most of all, the importance of you.
Communication Tools
It's not just about Skype! You will look at some of the different ways you can communicate with your students, and how to use the tools that comes with them.
Online whiteboards
You will find out why an online whiteboard is your friend, and how to use some of the best online whiteboards on the Internet.
IDroo Online Whiteboard: User Guide (Part 1)
IDroo is one of my favourite online whiteboards. In this video I will show you how to use all the basic tools on IDroo. NOTE: since making this video, IDroo has reduced the tools available on a free account, so some of the tools I show can no longer be used on a free account. However, I've left the video up as an example of how online whiteboards in general can be used.
IDroo Online Whiteboard: User Guide (Part 2)
Learn about the extra tools in IDroo, including how to add images and documents to the whiteboards, and how to share the whiteboard with your students.
IDroo Online Whiteboard: creating an anagram activity
Watch me create an activity for a student using an IDroo; in this video I show you how to create a simple anagram activity which can be used as a 3 minute warmer activity.
What are you going to teach?
In this lecture I'll help you decide what kinds of lessons you could teach, why you should do this before you even start looking for students, and the core idea of value in your lessons.
  • The course assumes a basic knowledge of computers and the Internet, but it is designed for non technical people
  • No teaching experience is required
  • You should be a native speaker of English or a non-native speaker of English at an advanced level
Что Вы изучите?
  • Build your own online English teaching business
  • Find English language students all over the world using a variety of different strategies
  • Design TEFL lessons that meet the needs and interests of your students
  • Master how to teach the core language skills of writing, speaking, listening and reading
  • Discover the best tools, resources and activities for teaching English online
  • Identify your own particular English teaching niche
Charles Cornelius, MA, CertEd & CELTA
Charles Cornelius, MA, CertEd & CELTA
English language teacher, 40,000 students in 160 countries

I'm a  qualified teacher with 20 years' teaching experience all over the world, most recently as an English language teacher with the British Council where I taught IELTS exam preparation and Business English. 

I have a Masters degree in education and I am a certified English language teacher. 

I'm an experienced teacher trainer, and I have carried out training in English language teaching techniques to classroom teachers in several countries. 

I'm the author of two bestselling books and run websites designed for both English language teachers and students.

Qualifications: MA (Education), PGCE (Secondary Education), CELTA

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