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Create your own original lyrics and never experience writer's block again.
О курсе

Discover and master how you can stay in the creative flow longer and write better lyrics with an inspirational and practical training for beginner and intermediate writers.

Learn basic to advanced concepts and skills that you will need to tap your creativity anywhere, anytime and build your ideas into a full blown set of expressive lyrics!

Maximise your creativity with easy to use tools and concepts
Develop your skills for generating lyrical ideas
Organise your ideas by understanding the structure and the role of the sections of a song
Transform your words into meaningful lyrics (meaningful to you and your audience!)

Powerful techniques for writing great lyrics

Through helping you to understand the creative process, this course will help you to boost your creativity and stay in the creative flow longer. From that headspace, you have more creative freedom to generate words, phrases, paragraphs & prose!

As some of the best lyrics are written from a sensory perspective, you will learn a technique to engage your senses and write sense-bound words that create more powerful songs to engage your emotions and your audience.

This training will take you through real time exercises so that you can understand how to take your words and ideas, uncover the story and grow some expressive lyrics right away!

Content and Overview

This course is suitable for beginner and intermediate writers because the tips and tools on offer can be used as many times as you like to create new material.

In this course of 35 lectures and 3+ hours of content, you'll learn how to access your creativity in new ways, and go from a blank sheet of paper to a complete set of lyrics that tell a compelling story. Sections 2, 3 & 4, each chapter ends with an exercise so that you can put your newly learned skills into practical use instantly. 

You will also learn more about your creative process and how to maximise it; why capturing your ideas is so important; a way to use mind maps for lyric writing and why knowing the reason 'why' you are creating is critical.

It can be hard to come up with lyric ideas for songs. You will learn how to write from a different perspective (like “Whatever Happens” for Michael Jackson), how to collect and use lyrics from a weekend supplement, and how to create words that are sense filled and have poetic imagery. With all these tools, you’ll have something to write about! 

Then once you have a fistful of words, what do you do with them? How do you make them into a song? This course will give you a strong foundation in how to structure your song, knowing the roles of each of the various sections (verse, chorus, pre-chorus & bridge), using contrast so you can compose lyrics that have meaning & expression, and make sense from beginning to end.

Someone once said that writing a song is like making a sculpture – you have to find it. When you finish this course, you will be able to find your lyrics anytime. 

Welcome to Tap Your Creativity - Lyric Writing
Get an overview of the course.
Welcome to TAP YOUR CREATIVITY – LYRIC WRITING! This is a course I’ve been wanting to create for a while so I’m very excited to be able to offer it to you!
Of course, words in a song are inextricably linked to melody and rhythm (even if you’re rapping, tone and rhythm are intrinsic to how the lyrics work). So I have integrated melody and rhythm into the lyric writing tutorials for you so that you can see, feel and hear how they are linked and how you can work with them.Also, I have included a tutorial on one of my favourite looping devices: ‘Loopy’. You do not have to use Loopy or a looping device to make the most of this course. This is a bonus tutorial.WHAT IS COVERED IN THIS COURSE?
  • How to maximise your creativity and stay in the creative flow for longer
  • Being inspired and staying inspired
  • The intrinsic roles of verses, choruses and bridges
  • How to develop your skills with plenty of practical tools and opportunities try them out
  • Development of song structure
  • Rhyming and rhyming schemes
  • How to put it all together to build your story
If you work through all the exercises in this course, you should never experience creative block for lyrics again. Any time you feel at a loss for ideas, you can choose any relevant exercise or review the course at any time.You may also like to come back to the exercises with a specific song you want to develop in the future. There’s no limit to the number of times you can do this. This is a songwriting resource for life!
Section 1: Getting Ready
Know how to maximise your creativity, stay in the flow for longer and catch those ideas before they disappear!
Creativity Model
Your preparation for creativity and songwriting is your life - your experiences, attitudes, skill level, background, goals, etc. If you want more ideas, fill up your creativity well - go out and do stuff!!Take a look at the downloadable Creativity Model pdf.INCUBATIONThis is stage occurs when you are NOT thinking about the needs of your song, doing something that absorbs you fully, such as hoovering, washing up, changing the baby’s nappy, exercise and of course, one of my favourites, sleeping! When you’re not actively songwriting, your brain, being the ‘completist’ machine that it is, is solving your songwriting problems without you thinking about it, without you getting in the way. It has time to come up with solutions without the mind interfering! Very important.INSPIRATION (construction, creation!)Eureka! The muse has left you some presents!! 
  • Capture all your ideas – ESSENTIAL!
  • Ideas are flowing - allow!
  • Quantity not quality is key 
  • Let all your seeds grow without judgement
  • All ideas are valid. I repeat; all ideas are valid!
  • Even that 'way out' idea!!
Remember: you are in DOING mode, not thinking mode. This is where all ideas, even those left or right field kooky ones, are VALID! This is a time of getting all your ideas out onto the table before you start....

EVALUATION (deconstruction!)(Dun dun deerrrrrrr!)
OK, now question your ideas –
  • Do they work with this particular song idea?
  • Are they any good?
  • Does this idea help to tell the story, express the emotion I’m aiming for?
  • Doesn’t this bit sound like a Justin Bieber track?
  • Does it make any sense?
This is your internal editor. He/she has NO place in the creation stage. The editor’s role is diametrically opposed to the muse. They should be ships that pass in the night!Seek feedback from self (and/or others)ELABORATIONThis is where you develop the ideas. This model is not necessarily linear, it's iterative. That means, for instance, after evaluating your ideas, you may want a solo and you have to practice it or need to research the story that you are writing about (Preparation), or the feel is not right and you have to let it simmer (Incubation) or you need some more ideas (Inspiration).Test them on an audience and find out if the song stands up on it’s own or needs some further tweaks or renovations!

Capture Everything!

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again… every idea you have is valid, treat it as though it is valid. Once you have emptied yourself of ideas for the song, then question them.You can use any of the following (and any other) to capture your ideas:
  • iPod/phone/device to record audio
  • Pen and paper
  • Leave a message on your phone (if desperate!)
  • Manuscript
  • Other ways that you know
Remembering of course is a way to capture but the mind shifts and is not as reliable to remember the nuances, unless of course, you have what I call an audiographic memory!!
Mind Maps
MIND MAPS - What are they good for....(sung to the tune of War by Edwin Starr)!
  • Freeing your mind 
  • This is chiefly an association exercise that can stimulate creativity
  • Create associations that you might end up using for a song
  • Get you in the creative zone for lyric writing
Your job for this exercise is to create a Mind Map of the season you are in right now (if you’re in Summer, choose ‘SUNSHINE’.) WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED - Application for lyric writing
  • A topic, preferably a songwriting idea about which you feel strongly
  • Multicoloured pen, coloured pencils or markers
  • Blank page (unlined, helps with the feeling of freedom)
  • An open mind!
  • Uninterrupted 10 mins
  • USE BLOCK CAPITALS – easier to read
  • Keep your words on the stem (one word per stem)
  • Aim to have the words the right way up as much as possible
  • Use pictures where you can – they say more than words and may stimulate other associations
  • Colour – use one colour per stem layer (e.g. first layer = blue, second layer = green etc.) and rotate the colours as you build your mind map outward 
  • Or use one colour per set of stems
  • Just keep moving, don’t think about it – this is an association exercise
  • You can do it by yourself or with others
  • Remember - ALL IDEAS ARE VALID
Once you have generated your mind map, clash some ideas together e.g.
  • A Summer breeze of light and shade
  • Stormy weather on the radio
  • Lightning strikes and the beetles run (for cover)
  • Ella and Billie are warm in the sun
  • The condor soars over the waves of light
You can pick a topic/ song idea and create a mind map of your own.
How might I then use them to create a song?
  • You've loosened up your mind 
  • You've made associations you wouldn't have otherwise made to stimulate your creativity
  • You might end up using some of these ideas for a song
  • And you are in the creative zone for lyric writing
Use this exercise anytime you want to achieve the above!! P.S. Check out the Tony Buzan link provided to find out more about mind maps, if you would like to know more.
The Reason
Understand the reason and how important it is to your song's/lyric's success
Section 2: Be Inspired - Powerful Creativity Tools
Use powerful lyric generating tools to tap your creativity with confidence at any time to write original lyrics.
Perspectives Part 1
This is a writing exercise that helps you to see things from a new perspective and very useful as a start point for lyric generation.
  • Choosean object and be that object
  • Commenton the world around you as thatobject
  • Writedown what comes to you in 4-5 line groups/stanzas
  • Likeprose
  • You’renot writing lyrics at this point
  • And itdoesn't have to rhyme
Have your pen and paper ready! Try a 5 min exercise first but you can time yourself for a  7 min or 10 min exerciseYoucan use this exercise anytime, any place, anywhere as many times asyou like to generate lyric ideas. You might surprise yourselfEnjoy!
Perspective Part 2: Real Time Experiment!
See and hear how Geoffrey puts music to the words generated from the Perspectives exercise, transforming words into lyrics!
The Michael Jackson Story
Hear how Geoffrey used the perspectives exercise to write a song for the late, great Michael Jackson. Understand how this exercise can be applied to your songwriting. 
I List Part 1
THE I LIST - instant words!Expand your lyric generation horizons!This technique is inspired by the cut up method Williams Burroughs and David Bowie employed to write.WHAT YOU NEED
  • One, two or more weekend/lifestyle magazines
  • Paper and pen (and scissors if you want to cut them out, glue if you want to paste!)
  • Pick some articles you are attracted to (you can use as many different articles as you like)
  • Find, say, 16 or so lines starting with the word ‘I’ that you really like the sound of e.g. ‘I woke up this morning with a mouth full of chemicals’
  • Choose 4 lines that you like best from what you have chosen
  • Choose another 4, do the same
  • Stick them in an order that you like
  • Use it as the basis for a new set of lyrics!
  • Once you have done this, manipulate the words to your lyrical needs. Garnish then serve!!! 
Check out the links to find out more about the cut up technique. It is a great method that requires time and patience but is very rewarding, as William Burroughs, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain and Thom Yorke have found!http://www.openculture.com/2011/08/william_s_burroughs_on_the_art_of_cutup_writing.htmlhttp://www.openculture.com/2015/02/bowie-cut-up-technique.html
  • You'll need a pad and a four colour pen, and a recording device e.g. mobile phone, tablet, mp3 device, cassette recorder, etc.
  • You will also need two or more weekend supplement/ lifestyle magazines
Geoffrey Williams
Geoffrey Williams
International singer songwriter, teacher, producer, performer!
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