Sweet Home Alabama - The Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Experience

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How to play all of the guitar parts to Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
The in-depth guitar solos that make this song legendary
Learn EVERY single note with in-depth guitar tablature and accompanying lesson videos
Play the song just like Lynyrd Skynyrd did. Ed King - the guitarist who wrote many of the tracks for this song - has had his own input in this project. Ed King approved!
О курсе

This is a dense song and offered to you with incredible accuracy and detail. This project took over 120 hours to complete and TAB. Ed King had personal input in this product ensuring that this is an accurate and authentic reproduction of the song.

From Second Helping, this track cemented Lynyrd Skynyrd in rock history with one of the most popular songs of all time. Ed King plays much of the featured guitar work that goes extremely in-depth in terms of being way more than just a 3-chord "easy" song.

The guitar work in this song will challenge the advanced player and can teach "experienced dogs new tricks". Ed King's playing style makes this one a tough, but rewarding, song to learn. His two guitar solos also contain many odd bends, a variety of lead techniques, and a lot of picking variations to achieve the right sound. This is a fun song to learn! 

The SWEET HOME ALABAMA Full Song TABS featuring NEW Guitar Pro TABS!Receive the 'SWEET HOME ALABAMA' TABS for all of the guitar parts in 'SWEET HOME ALABAMA' by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ed King, Gary Rossington, and Allen Collins are the main guitar players in this song. Ed on lead and rhythm, Gary on lead and rhythm, Allen on rhythm.

Introductory READ ME
Readme section to introduce you to the course content and learn about artist information as well as the guitarists involved in the song.
Please use the tab attached to this lecture to guide you through the following guitar video lessons for Sweet Home Alabama. The tab is structured with lyrics so that you follow every note that is played throughout the song.
Rhythm Section
How to perform the rhythm guitar parts to Sweet Home Alabama
The famous intro guitar part for Sweet Home Alabama.
Ed King - Verse Guitar Parts
The verse guitar parts that Ed King performs throughout the song.
Allen Collins - Verse Guitar Parts
The verse guitar parts that Allen Collins performs throughout the song.
Gary Rossington - Verse Guitar Parts
The verse guitar parts that Gary Rossington performs throughout the song. You might recognize this part as the one that sits behind the main rhythm in the background. It continues throughout the whole song.
The famous instrumental part that occurs after the first verse and also after Guitar Solo II. There are 3 separate rhythm pieces being played here. Pay attention to the details!
Ed King - Chorus Guitar Parts
The chorus rhythm parts as performed by Ed King. Ed was very particular about his guitar piece here. To play it accurately, make sure you only pick the notes on the "up-stroke" and NEVER on the downstroke. You will find the pattern to be hitting notes on the upstroke and muting notes on the downstroke.
Chorus Rhythm - Gary and Allen
The chours parts as performed by Gary Rossington and Allen Collins. These parts are much simpler than Ed's.
Ed King - Piano Solo Rhythm
Would you believe that Ed performs a slight variation of his rhythm guitar over the piano solo?? He was very particular. Try this one out!
  • Own a guitar so that you can play along with and learn the guitar parts.
  • Being able to understand TAB helps, but not required since the videos will also guide you through the learning process
Thomas Saguto
Thomas Saguto
PGA Golf Instructor and Professional Guitarist
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