Strategic Planning for Public Libraries

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In this course, part of the Public Library Management Professional Certificate program, we’ll explore the nuts and bolts of creating a strategic plan by reviewing and reflecting on the strategic plans of a variety of library types.

Strategic planning is a strategy for setting an organization’s goals, vision, and desired future. You’ll learn how library leaders, in partnership with trustees, library boards, and/or municipal leadership, use strategic planning to set long-term goals as well as identify the necessary funding priorities, staffing needs, and other elements needed for success.

You’ll also learn how an effective strategic plan is more than mere paperwork: it is an ongoing planning, action, and reflection process that can engage all stakeholders in a common set of expectations and action steps for the future.

Strategic Planning for Public Libraries
Learn how to develop, implement, and adapt a strategic plan to fit the needs of your library.
Что Вы изучите?
  • The value of and guiding framework for strategic planning
  • How to identify funding priorities, staff needs, and infrastructure needed to reach a strategic planning goal
  • How to establish effective communication with and input from stakeholders, including board members, municipal officials, staff, and the public
  • How to craft a strategic plan and integrate it into your management workflow to ensure success
  • How to adapt your plan when changes arise in your organization
Larry Neal
Larry Neal
Director Clinton-Macomb Public Library
Larry Neal is the director of the Clinton-Macomb Public Library a state-of-the-art district library serving over 170,000 residents in suburban Detroit. He has 35 years of public library experience, holds a BA and MBA from Oakland University and a Master of Science in Information-Library and Information Science specialization from the University of Michigan. He is a past president of the Michigan Library Association, a past president of the Public Library Association, and a Library Journal Mover & Shaker. In 2011 he helped restore library services for his home city of Bloomfield Hills by leading three grassroots millage campaigns in three years and a successful renewal in 2014. In 2014 CMPL successfully passed a vote for a 40% tax increase for library operations. Larry has been involved in six library building projects including a new 25,000 sf branch scheduled to open in 2020.
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Strategic Planning for Public Libraries