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No matter what kind of music you play on stage there will be spaces between songs. The spaces are valuable real estate that often go unused. How can you take full advantage of them and why?

When you tell a story on stage something magical happens to your audience. The second you begin telling your tale your audience's brains start to release chemicals that intensely focus attention on what you will say next. Your stories are a drug that can completely change how they will hear the song that comes after. Your stories bring you closer to your fans. 

Learn how to write and tell stories aimed at your audiences three most effective targets: their heads, their hearts and their funny bones. 

Join entertainer, singer and former national radio host Tim Tamashiro for this unique digital course designed to enhance and balance your live performances. If your music is great you can make your shows even greater with Storytelling Between Songs. 

Gather Your Stories
You will learn why storytelling is such a powerful tool to use between songs. You'll learn what happens in the brain when you tell stories and get to know Tim's five gifts of storytelling.
Introduction: Your audience is desperate for connection
When you take the stage you are in control of other peoples time and energy. You have a responsibility to share their time with youwisely.If you've spent hundreds of hours of preparation to get on stage with your music, what have you planned to do during the spaces between the songs. Your audience is desperate for connection.Get to know your instructorTim Tamashirofor Storytelling Between Songs.
Stories are a drug
Every human being comes equipped withchemicals in the brain that make stories feel good. Learn the basics about what happens when you share stories with your audience.
The five gifts of storytelling
These five gifts of storytelling will help you keep your stories short and meaningful. They will help your audienceappreciate your stories when you share these gifts.
Write your stories
You will learn how to start a story and what kind of stories to tell. The key learns from this section will include inciting incidents and what body parts to aim your stories at.
How to start a story.
In this lesson, you will learn about the starting point of all good stories:the inciting incident. Without an inciting incident there is no story.
Story target #1: The Head
When you aim a story at the heads of your audience, you share a story that makes them think. A head story has the power to get people to say, "Wow! I didn't know that!"
Story Target #3: The Funny Bone
A laugh is most effective way to connect you to your audience. Learn the three components of a joke and gain insight into the way you can include jokes in yourperformances. Your audience will love it!
Write your stories
Take the leap. Gather your stories and write them.
Write your stories
At the end of this section you will have written three stories for three songs
Rehearse and retell
Rehearsal and re-telling your stories strengthens them.Get your stories out in front of a trusted friend and make them better through their feedback.
  • You will require either a computer or a notebook / pen to write three stories
  • You will need an open mind
  • You will require a reliable partner you can tell your stories to
Что Вы изучите?
  • You will write, rehearse and deliver three meaningful stories for three of your best songs.
  • You will balance your show with stories that audiences will love
  • You will learn to reliably interact with your audience
  • You will have a proven method for adding new stories throughout your career
Tim Tamashiro
Tim Tamashiro
Entertainer / speaker

Tim Tamashiro is an entertainer and speaker. He provides music, entertainment, hosting and keynote addresses for events, theatres and conventions. He specializes in sharing meaningful music and storytelling experiences. 

Prior to his current occupation, Tim was a former national radio host at CBC Radio 2. During his 10 1/2 year career he guided listeners on air with meaningful stories and music from the great American songbook.  

Tim considers himself a "happiness hacker". He researches and helps others understand strategies for living meaningful lives. He is currently writing a book about a Japanese strategy for life worth called How to Ikigai.

Tim lives in Calgary, Canada. He supports food bank charities and daily acts of kindness. 

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