Stop Cold Calling!

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This course will identify where you can find business without cold calling.

You have a database of current clients that are waiting to help you and all you have to do is ask them to participate in a reward program.

There are also influential people are are looking for complimentary products and services to help their existing clients and you have the solution.

Through this course you will receive the step by step plan as well as the templates you need to get started.

This approach will have customers coming to you instead of you going out to find them.

Learn WHY referrals are so powerful.
Two Types of Referral Partners
Do you want more Word of Mouth business from you Customers?Just because you provide good customer service doesn't mean you will get more referral business.There is a deliberate process and it begins with know the two types of referral partners.The first is your current customers.
Two Types of Referral Partners - Centers of Influence
Centers of Influence is the second type of referral partner.Find out why they are the most powerful.
Centers of Influence - Tier 1
Tier 1 Centers of Influence can knock it out of the ballpark for you.Find one of these and you have changed the landscape of your business.
Centers of Influence - Tier 2
Tier 2 Centers of Influence may not even know what you do.You will need to put some time into getting to know them and sharing who you are and how you help others.
5 Tips on Creating a Referral Program
5 Tips on Creating a Referral Program
Here are some tips on creating your own referral program.
Referral Program Tracking Sheet

This simple worksheet can be used as a template for capturing the information you need to launch your customer referral program.

Make any changes necessary for your situation.

Referral Program Worksheet
This worksheet will help you get clear about your ideal client so you can communicate this to prospective referral partners.You will want to give this information to those who want to participate in your referral program.
Attracting the Perfect People
  • Students would need to have a basic concept of networking, building business relationships and the value of their customers.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Get new clients without the dreaded "cold calling".
  • Identify referral partners and centers of influence they already know.
Linda Ballesteros
Linda Ballesteros
Radio Show Host

Linda Ballesteros is a speaker, author and radio show host who shares her knowledge and expertise as a strategic networker to business owners who want to leverage the power of relationships. Her new book, “Your Pot of Gold is a Handshake Away – A step bystep plan to quickly grow your business through referrals", details how to take networking to the next level.

Linda is also a contribution author in Catch Your Star where she shares how a person can find their bliss which will reveal their life's purpose.

She is the found of Wine, Women and Wealth, a business networking organization which she grew to over 400 members the first year. It later merged with a nationwide organization where she become the Texas regional director.

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