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UPDATED with 2 brand new sections for 2019

Get ready to make $12,000 or more per month from Staffing & Recruitment. You can turn your interests into a niche Human Resources lifestyle recruiting business.

Learn the Step-by-Step Formula I Used for Building a $2.6M Revenue Staffing Agency & Recruiting Service in One Year ($1.5M in 7 Months).

  • Learn how to start-up with no money
  • Learn how to follow your passions as a recruiter
  • Learn how to attract amazing customers extremely quickly
  • Learn how to charge a premium price
  • Learn how to fund your payroll without credit
  • Learn how to outsource your payroll and administration
  • Learn how to create systems to free up your time
  • Learn how to collect your money the easy way
  • Learn how to manage your business while you travel
  • Learn how to build a business you can sell

This course is for people who are interested in a fantastic entrepreneurial venture that they can start with extremely little start-up money. Anywhere from the completely inexperienced who have never been in recruiting, to people who have 20 years+ of staffing & recruitment experience.

This course is also for Staffing, Recruitment & HR professionals & entrepreneurs who have thought about starting a staffing agency or a recruitment business.

If you already work in this industry, you probably want more control over how you do things. You want to explore ways to get a bigger piece of the profit pie. You want to escape micromanagement and rigid methodology.

Also, you want to put the pieces of the day together your way and decide how many hours you work. You want to put systems in place that help you work less and earn more.

The Problem with Starting a Staffing Service or Recruiting Business if You Have Never Done it? It Can be Complicated and Disastrous if You don’t Know What to Do.

If you are someone who is totally new to recruiting or recruiting business or recruiting business development  or if you are an internal employee of an employment agency, or a virtual recruiter, or even someone who specializes in digital and online recruitment, the questions are many.

How do you start your recruitment business without money?

     What section of the staffing market will you service? How will you build an immediate book of recruitment business? How will you finance your payroll for temporary and contract employees? How will you ensure companies actually pay your staffing agency? How do you stay in staffing agency compliance and cover yourself legally? How do you not get eaten alive by agency payroll burdens and worker’s compensation costs? How do you advertise your recruiting services cheaply and keep the flow of candidates coming in? How do you automate your recruitment sales and service? How do you hire other recruiting specialists extremely cheaply?

Perhaps the biggest questions are these:

How do you build freedom into the equation? How do you work less and earn more? How do you free up your time and start removing yourself from the daily operations?

Start & Grow Your Staffing & Recruitment Lifestyle Business answers these questions as well as others. My team and I have packaged up into step-by-step simplified content the lessons, tools, strategies and problem-solving systems borne out of my own journey from Zero to $1.5M in 7 months when I first started my own business and set out as a Staffingpreneur.

This course reveals the potential catastrophes of starting your own recruitment business or staffing agency and it provides the solutions before you encounter them. It sets out a practical and achievable easy-to-follow program for reaching the stated goals. The course is designed to help staffing and recruitment service entrepreneurs build their business foundation in order to develop it into a sellable asset that can be converted to a lifestyle business or eventually sold.

Why This Course Is So Important
Module 1: Identify Your Niche
Implement and leverage specialization.
Set Yourself Up to Dominate By Specializing
In this Video:
  • 9 Reasons for Why you Must be Laser-Focused on your Niche
Use Your Niche To Charge Higher Prices
In this Video:
  • 7 Ways to Choose the Right Niche to Focus on
Use Your Niche To Build A Business You Can Sell
How to Select the Most Profitable Niche
Niches You May Want to Avoid
Module 2: Branding & Design
Brand effectively & design cheaply.
Why My First Brand Failed Miserably
In this Video:
  • 5 Lessons from My Early Branding Failures
Rainmaking With Brand Power
  • English
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  • Tap into the strategies, resources, tools & processes for creating $1.5M revenue in 7 months as a staffingpreneur.
Ryan Lecour
Ryan Lecour
Job Market Insider, Hiring Expert, Staffingpreneur

Ryan is a job market expert, staffingpreneur mentor & career coach. 

He helps companies to hire well.

He helps recruiting firms to hack their growth.

He helps new entrepreneurs launch their staffing & recruiting enterprises.

He teaches job seekers the art of career mastery.

In 2013, Ryan founded LyrGroup, a workforce solutions firm in Toronto that became one of Canada's fastest growing companies.

Since then, he has been travelling, consulting and creating online courses & programs. 

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