SQL Server Administration on Linux Basics

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Your wait is finally over as we bring to you the first ever course on SQL Server Administration on Linux. This beginner course being the preface to the Advance Administration of SQL Server on Linux, will help you jump start on SQL Server without caring about the platform. The course has been designed by SME's working in SQL Server and Linux with over a decade of experience in Industry. This course will be helpful for both beginners and seasoned DBA's. This course focuses on Administration of SQL Server and Linux for a novice and help us also to understand the kerberos authentication and working with Active Directory on Linux.

  • Should have basic knowledge of working on PC with internet connection and should be able to create VM's using Oracle VM software
Что Вы изучите?
  • Install Linux and Windows Server on VM
  • Install and configure Active Directory
  • Basics of Linux Administration
  • Install SQL Server on Linux
  • Configure kerberos authentication on Linux
  • Connect SQL Server using kerberos authentication
  • Work on SQL client tools
  • Work on Visual Code
Sql Frenzy
Sql Frenzy
Group of SQL Server enthusiasts

SQLFrenzy is a group of core Administrators who have over a decade of experience of working in Industry. We have worked closely with SQL Server and have SME's from Sybase, Linux, Windows, MySQL, Azure, AWS, MongoDB, Cloudera, MapR and Sharepoint to name a few. We have been training associates working in corporate on subjects like SQL Server , Hadoop and Sybase who have excelled in their fields after taking our sessions. We have brought together this series on SQL Server on Linux to enable SQL Sever DBA's to be enterprise ready for working on this platform independent tool. We are really excited to launch this series and will be releasing the Advanced Series on this topic soon. 

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